23 April, 2013

Migrating to Version 2

ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Version 2.10 is now available! As we migrate to Version 2 plants, it's a good idea to begin planning your breeding activities. A few things to bear in mind...

  • Version 1 LEs will not be officially released as Version 2 seeds. The last remaining V1 special edition, ROCKY MTN HIGH, will remain on sale at our stores until the 29th. After that, Version 1 will not be officially sold.

  • The only way to preserve older LE foliages is to "breed forward." This is the same as in the past: older male plants will breed with newer version females. The scripts and other components of the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ system are passed to offspring by the mothers.
  • Version 1 males with LE foliage are prime breeding stock! When they're mature, surround them with plenty of V2 girls. As in the past, there's a chance that the LE foliage will be passed to the offspring. But V2 has extended inheritance for foliage. So if your V1 male is a hybrid with a "double dose" of the LE foliage (like a ROCKY MTN HIGH X ROCKY MTN HIGH), you'll have an even better chance of extending the older foliage into the new version offspring! (See the V2 Grow Guide for more information about the odds for foliage inheritance.)
  • Ungerminated V1 seeds and bricks may be exchanged for store credit. Check ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Growers & Breeders Group messages for details. So when you're satisfied with your efforts breeding your LEs forward or tired of looking at a pack of V1 seeds, you will be able to trade them in for credit to buy new seeds. (RL pharmers would like that deal!)

    So there's plenty of fun to be had growing and breeding your remaining Version 1 seeds and seed bricks!

    Happy Growing! 

    P.S.  All Version 2 seeds purchased prior to 10 AM SLT, 23 April, need to be updated to ensure proper harvesting. Grab a free Update Transmogrifier at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central to get your seeds and plant working right! (If ungerminated seeds have "2.10M-7b" in their name, they have already been updated, and seed packs with Green rather than Yellow hover text are also updated. If in doubt, just grab a Transmogrifier and follow the easy instructions to update your babies!)

19 April, 2013

Countdown to Wackyweedapalooza

You probably already noticed the countdown timer here.  4/20 is coming up, and the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ community is having a party!

We'll have prizes, crazy fun, and some of the best music in Second Life, starting at 4:20 pm SLT with DJ DrStoney and a guest appearance by our own NORMLJean, the only raccoon DJ around!

Then at 7:20 pm SLT, there'll be a special treat - one of SL's top live performers, Von Johin, will join us from his studio outside Nashville with some astounding guitar work and the best psychedelic, folk, and blues you'll hear anywhere. If you haven't heard Von before, you need to, and if you have, you know what we're talkin' about!

Coinciding with the party, we'll be rolling out the first Version 2.10 seeds. All the standard varieties will be available, as well as new mixed seeds in Starter Kits. And yes, there will be a 420 Limited Edition available at the party!

Wackyweedapalooza is also our first fund-raiser for NORML, the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws. As most folks know, 100% of proceeds from sale of Rocky Mtn High seeds is set aside for donation to NORML, and we'll have donation kiosks set up for you to help us top off our first donation of 2013! Come help us raise money for this important cause, enjoy some great tuneage, and grab your first Version 2 seeds!

Special invitations have been going out to the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Growers and Breeders Group or visit our in-world store to get a LM to the party site at HBG Auctions!

07 April, 2013

Breeding for Dwarf Size - Step by Step

Jaymes' Dwarves
[Editor's note: This how-to article was written by Jaymes Bennett (aka lawfulnutria97), one of our most experienced breeders.]

To prepare for the switch from Version 1 plants to Version 2 compatible plants, growers must breed down any Version 1 female plants into Version 1 male plants.  My goal was to exploit the "pulling into inventory" pausing of flowering plants in order to breed down a group of normal pure strain big bud female plants into dwarf sized male plants.  To achieve this goal I will need ONE dwarf male pure strain Big Bud, as well as a dozen or so pure strain Big Bud females.  Note if growing more than 15 females, separate them into two groups.

Crop Cycle 1: Female plants should be at 1.130m tall. The male plant will be 0.678m tall (standard dwarf male), which is 60% of the normal size for Big Bud plants.

Set out plants under lights and feed them if you want them to grow more than 1% per 90 minutes.  Once the plants reach maturity, and the male is within range of the females, you can harvest.  To ensure you do not harvest the male, right click the plant you wish to harvest and select 'touch'.  When the plant's menu pops up, select 'Harvest;.  Repeat with all females, making sure to ONLY move the MALE if a plant is out of range.

Once all females have been harvested, PICK UP the male into your inventory.  I keep mine in a folder labeled Dwarf Male Big Bud Flowering so I can find him easier later.  This storage puts a 'pause' on his flowering cycle.

One by one, germinate the seed bricks, leaving them in their positions.  if any are male, pause them and pull them into inventory in a folder marking them for later use or sale.  If you notice the plants should now be smaller than normal.  Feed them if needed.

Crop Cycle 2: Female plants should now be 0.904m, the male should be in inventory.

Once females have reached maturity, pull the same 0.678m tall male big bud out of inventory and set him in range of the females.  harvest the females using the right-click method to ensure you dont harvest your dwarf male.

Once they are harvested, pull the male back into your inventory.  Germinate the seed bricks again, pausing and picking up any that have turned into males, and placing them into inventory.  Again if you look at stats you should notice the plants are yet again smaller.

Crop Cycle 3:  Female plants should be 0.791m tall,

Follow the steps in cycle 2.  be sure to pull your male back into inventory.

Crop Cycle 4: Female plants should be 0.735m tall,
Crop Cycle 5: Female plants should be 0.706m tall
Crop Cycle 6: Female plants should be 0.692m tall
Crop Cycle 7 : Female Plants should be 0.685m tall
Crop Cycle 8: Female plants should be 0.682m tall
Crop Cycle 9 : Female plants should be 0.680m tall
Crop Cycle 10: Female plants should be 0.679m tall
Crop Cycle 11: Female plants should be 0.678m tall ... full dwarf size

NOTE:  This cycling can be done with dwarf or giant MALE plants of pure strain variety.