22 December, 2012

CannabiSL have just released a Group Gift, the Mayan Armageddon.  The pack contains two seeds which are outdoor, very high potency and slow growth.  I really like the look of the plant with it’s Mayan Calendar symbol in the middle.  If you aren’t a member of the CannabiSL group then now might be the time to join.

With the Mayan Calendar running out in just a few hours, the CannabiSL Team decided we’d better get what possibly will be our last Group Gift Limited Edition out to everyone.  Attached you’ll find a box containing two MAYAN ARMAGEDDON seeds.  Enjoy them while you can.  In the event the world doesn’t end, you’ll be able to buy more at the store in the next few days.


Mayan Armageddon Armageddon

Due to a glitch with the distribution of the Mayan Armageddon Group Gift on 21 December 2012, we have deactivated all seeds that were not germinated prior to 6:00 AM Central, 22 December.  Any plants that have been germinated and are already growing will function normally, but ungerminated seeds from the Group Gift Notice will display "BROKEN PLANT" with the URL to this blog in the overhead text display when they are sprouted.

If you have not received the Group Gift, you may pick one up at the special vendor at our in-world store. Be sure to wear your Cannabis Growers & Breeders Group tag.  The Group Gift will be available all weekend free to group members.

Again, if you have already sprouted seeds you received on 21 December, they should function properly.  The problem was not with the seeds but with the distribution system.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

19 December, 2012

CANNA SUTRA MEDICO OOAK male & package went home with Kawika Comet, the high bidder, for an amazingly generous bid ... L$40,000 Linden! Congrats and a big TY to Kawika!!!!

So now that we got the rumor mill going! Who knows where this guy & his offspring will show up or who will have it? Where we can get OS, etc.? It is very exciting on so many levels:)

All proceeds from this auction were donated to Relay For Life, which couldn’t be a better cause! The total from all the breedables in the auction was L$3,885,000 Linden!!!

Also a big THANK YOU to all of our community members who listened, attended, and bid! I can’t think of a greater cause than Relay For Life!

You can read all about the results here: http://slbreedables.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/one-of-a-kind-breedables-auction-results/

17 December, 2012

BRAND NEW LE hiding ...so "L@@K HIGH & L@@K LOW"

Each WINTER LIGHTS seed randomly picks one of the six foliage colors
when it's germinated. All WINTER LIGHTS plants are medium potency,
slow growing, outdoor plants that normally reach 1.7 meters height and
1.5 meters width. All of our regular CannabiSL mutations may happen
-- same percent chance for bright, dwarf, giant, and ultra.

The Hunt box contains two seeds. Invite your friends to the Hunt and
pool your resources to collect all six colors for your pharm!

Rocky Mountain HIgh still available at Breedable Borough!
Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming Sales, and so much more @ ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ through CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group as well as opportunities for Cooperating Pharming, Yard Sales etc!

Let's have FUN & tell your friends too what you want under your TREE


13 December, 2012


 To auctioned at the OOAK Breedable Auction The LIVE auction with the fabulous auctioneer, Cortez Brandriss, will take place at the Relay For Life Xmas Expo on December 15th at 2pm SLT.
Register here to attend

  • This is the only male CannabiSL plant ever officially offered to the public.
  • Modeled on a real-life medical variety, CANNA SUTRA MEDICO features a distinctive deep green foliage with blue buds fading to purple, red, and gold leaves.
  • The CANNA SUTRA MEDICO foliage will be retired from seed stock immediately. Offspring have a 20% chance of inheriting the dad's foliage, so this is a UNIQUE BREEDING OPPORTUNITY.
CANNA SUTRA MEDICO is an indoor variety, so it has to be grown under a CannabiSL Grow-Lite (2 will be included in package if you win). It has a medium growth rate. Crossing CANNA SUTRA MEDICO with a faster-growing outdoor strain such as Super Skunk, Panama Red, or the RFL Sensi Star Limited Edition will produce indoor/outdoor offspring that can grow up to 6% every cycle.
Want more?  CANNA SUTRA MEDICO is a guaranteed BRIGHT mutant. That means all offspring from this plant will be brights, regardless of whether they inherit the paternal foliage.
While the published size of CANNA SUTRA MEDICO is 2.25 meters tall, this plant is a "dwarf" that will only grow 60% of that height and pass the shorter stature on to its babies.  Crossing CANNA SUTRA MEDICO with one of our smaller indoor varieties like Big Bud will yield small, bright babies to grow under lights, while crossing it with one of our larger outdoor strains like Acapulco Gold will scale down the size while producing grow-anywhere offspring.
Plus, you have the option to remove the scripts  right before the plant expires (six days after it reaches maturity) and preserve this piece of virtual pot growing history for display.  You'll always be able to show off this rare item!
The CannabiSL Team suggests that you have a LOT of females ready when this guy reaches maturity. (Remember, you'll have a 20% chance of capturing this unique foliage in the next generation and a mature male is viable for six days once it's mature.) 
To get you started, we're including a special bonus pack containing TWO seeds from each of our standard varieties: Northern Lights, Big Bud, White Widow, Super Skunk, NY Diesel, Purple Haze, Panama Red, Acapulco Gold, Black Afghani, Blonde Lebanese, and Orange Kush.  And to help you grow all these seeds, we're throwing in a 10-pack of Plant Food Spikes.
So, in addition to this one-of-a-kind, MALE CannabiSL plant we're including a valuable bonus pack:
* 2-Compact  Grow-Lites - L$600
* 10-pk Plant Spikes - L$500
* 2 Magic-Grow Plots - L$300
* 2 seeds from each of eleven (11) standard varieties for breeding stock - L$1320
*Worth L$2720 @ regular store prices!
*Also included is a  1-hr consultation with CannabiSL developer Djeaux Farrasco if you so desire to get best outcome from this amazing opportunity!

02 December, 2012


- medium potency
- medium growth rate
- bushy medium form
- all 1st gen bright mutants

- medium potency
- medium growth rate
- tall narrow form
- 50% chance of bright mutation

BLUE ICE BUSH is our Festival of Lights LE, featuring an outrageous
ice blue foliage.  This medium potency, medium growth rate plant has a
bushy shape, and all 1st generation plants are bright mutants.

Our Christmas LE, KRINGLE KRONIK, has a red and green "poinsettia"
foliage with ice highlights.  This medium potency plant has a tall
narrow "Christmas tree" shape.  Kringle Kronik plants have a 50%
chance of displaying the bright mutation.

Get your marijuanakka for Hanukkah & Christmas! L$300 for four seeds at the inworld store...ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ is the #1 growable, breedable virtual cannabis product in Second Life. http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Borough/159/159/23


25 November, 2012

Cyber Monday Sale Special

Black Afghani Half Price!

Now through Monday (November 26) Black Afghani Seed Packs are half price!
Five seeds for L$150! You won't beat this price!

We'll be running some one-hour doorbusters during the day Monday, so keep an eye on your CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group notices!

21 November, 2012

Very Special Special Edition

On Election Day, voters in Colorado endorsed legalization of responsible recreational cannabis use.  The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team celebrates this landmark in American history with a new Limited Edition, ROCKY MTN HIGH.  This slow-growing, large plant has a distinctive green foliage and carries the bright mutation.

All funds from the sale of ROCKY MTN HIGH will be donated to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), which has been instrumental in supporting legal and educational efforts for over 40 years.  Help support NORML by picking up some ROCKY MTN HIGH seeds at our in-world store and selected affiliate dealers. Single seeds are L$100 each.

09 November, 2012

November Group Gift

Gridded Magic Pot Plot


Here's a special gift for all CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group members!

We use the Gridded Magic Pot Plot in the Skunk Works labs to make it easier for us to organize our plants, Grow Lites, and Plant Food Spikes.  And now you can, too!

Touch it, and the texture toggles between potting soil and a special grower's grid.  The grid is sized so if you place a Mini Grow-Lite in the middle and a Plant Food Spike in the center of each shaded circle, all the plants on the Pot Plot will have light and food!  Of course, the handy grid makes it easier to line up your plants, too!

The Gridded Magic Pot Plot is free to all CGBG members.  Just drop by the in-world store, wear your group tag, and click the dispenser.  There is a limit of one Pot Plot per member.

Happy Growing!

29 October, 2012

Version 1.420 L-2 Update Now in Store

The bug fix version 1.420 L-2 is now available in the in-world store.  Marketplace and affiliate vendors will be updated soon.  This is version is fully compatible with older seeds.  Version 1.420 L-2 has two bug fix upgrades:
  1. Renaming plants is now fixed.  If you rename a plant, it will not cause the "gray plant" bug to appear.
  2. All genetic data is now drawn from our web server.  This means that 1.420 L-2 plants (and all that come afterwards) will be forward and well as backward compatible.  New strains and limited editions will not "confuse" your plants. As an added bonus, the new version actually uses about 10% less memory on your sim than version K-9. 
If you renamed some K-9 plants and got gray offspring, please pause them before they mature. We now have a test crop growing that should mature within the next 24 hours, and we hope to be able to give you an "emergency" method to fix the foliage color in the next generation. No promises, but stay tuned for further developments.

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team will provide replacements for any unused seeds from earlier versions. To receive upgrade seed replacements, contact Djeaux Farrasco by IM in-world.

Finally, for those of you who are being affected by Hurricane Sandy, please know that the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Crew is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.  Stay safe.

25 October, 2012



version 1.420 L-1 test plant)

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team sent out a bulletin in-world last night regarding a gray foliage bug in Version 1.420 K-9 plants.  This bug is fairly uncommon, but and "ounce" of prevention is worth a "pound" of cure. The workaround? Don't rename your 1.420 K-9 plants.

We want all features to work, so we burned the midnight oil in the Skunk Works lab. The bug fix is now being tested using the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Double Secret Growth Accelerator.  The fix will be rolling out soon!

During testing, we try out all basic functions, and sometimes we see cool stuff. So we wanted to share one of the third generation offspring we got from the most recent tests...

First, you can see that all this plant's parents and grandparents were renamed and that the foliage looks normal. The bug is fixed! That's the most important thing. But this girl is a massive mutant!

This plant's maternal grandmother was an Acapulco Gold, 3 meters tall, and the maternal grandpa was a Northern Lights, 1.5 meters tall.  The mom, a 2nd generation Acapulco Gold X Northern Lights hybrid, was 2.25 meters and displayed normal Gold foliage from the grandma.  For the 3rd generation, we crossed the Golden Girl X Lights Boy "cougar" with a 1st generation NY Diesel male, 1.75 meters tall, expecting Gold foliage and a 2 meter offspring.

But this baby threw the bright mutation, the dwarf mutation (1.2 meters tall), and the father's NY Diesel foliage!  Here are the stats taken at 81% maturity:
Gender: Female
Maturity: 81%
Foliage: NY Diesel Bright (1.0)
Potency: High (3.250)
Growth Rate: Fast (4.250% per cycle)
Lighting: Indoor/Outdoor
Size: Dwarf
Height: 1.200 meters
Width: 1.027 meters
Plant Not Fed (Minimum Growth)
Status: Vegetative
CannabiSL version 1.420-L1
So this plant was taken from a 3 meter tall Acapulco Gold to a 1.2 meter tall hybrid showing bright NY Diesel foliage in two generations! Yes, the basic "plan" (crossing the different strains) was under our control, but the mutations gave us some fun surprises!

Again, our bug-fix update will be rolling out very soon. Keep an eye on your ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Growers and Breeders Group notices and chat!  We hope to have an additional workaround as well for growers who already have gray hybrids. If you have questions, please IM me, Djeaux Farrasco, or Gloria Delicioso, or email djeaux@gmail.com.

Happy Growing! 

14 October, 2012

You don't have to feed 'em, but...

A lot of growers ask about feeding their ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ plants.  As most of y'all already know, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ does not require Plant Food to grow and breed.  But Plant Food is an important part of a grower's toolkit for an enjoyable, easier-to-manage pharming operation.

It helps to understand a little about plants' growth rates.  Each variety has its unique growth rate, and that shows in both the hovertext over plants and in the stats output in local chat.  Plants go through a growth cycle every 90 minutes until they reach 100 percent size.

"Very fast" growing plants increase five percent every growth cycle, "fast" plants grow four percent, "medium" plants grow three percent, and "slow" plants grow two percent.  The slowest growth rate is "very slow" or one percent of the plant's height per growth cycle.  The important point is that plants only grow at their "advertised" rate if they are fedUnfed plants grow at one percent per cycle.

(Yes, that means there would be no advantage in feeding a "very slow" plant variety, except that there aren't any "very slow" varieties!)

Now, what this means is that an unfed plant, regardless of what variety it is, will take 100 growth cycles to mature.  At 90 minutes per cycle, that means that without Plant Food, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ plants take a little more than 6 days to reach the flowering phase.  (Plants start at one percent rather than zero when they are germinated, and SL clocks are notoriously wonky, so let's say "about six days!")

By comparison, a "very fast" plant variety such as Big Bud or NY Diesel will grow five times faster if you feed it.  They would reach maturity in only 30 hours.  Normally, growers may think this is way to fast to be enjoyable or manageable, but let's consider how you might use food to keep a grow going...
(If you think five percent is fast, remember that indoor/outdoor varieties grow an additional two percent faster if they are within 3 meters of a Grow-Lite.  If you place a NY Diesel under lights and feed it, that plant will grow at seven percent per cycle and be flowering in only  21 hours! So unless you are into "speed breeding," you'll probably want to keep those indoor/outdoor plants away from lights if you feed them!)
Once they are flowering, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ plants live for six days or until they are harvested, whichever comes first.  Mature flowering plants don't need food, and there's no option in the menu to feed them!

Most breeders are eager to harvest their females to see how the hybrids turn out, but males are viable for breeding during this entire period.  So you can use Plant Food to get another generation to maturity to breed with that prize male you have before he goes to the great ashtray in the sky.  By the same token, if you have a batch of females nearing maturity but don't have a mature male, you might pause the females (make them dormant) and then feed a male to get him to mature faster.  Then resume growth for your females and harvest your hybrids!

A single click on the "feed" button on the plant menu or your HUD will feed the plants for 8 cycles.  You do not have to feed plants for the full vegetative phase.  In the Skunk Works lab, we like to feed all plants for the first 8 cycles just to get them big enough to look nice.  Then we keep feeding some of them and don't feed others, depending on how we want to "pace" the maturity of the crop.

So yes, Plant Food isn't required for your ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ babies.  You may be very happy with the one percent growth rate, and that's all good.  But remember, Plant Food is your tool to ensure that you have the males and females you want ready to breed at the same time!  And of course, like I mentioned before, if you're into "speed breeding" to get into multiple generations faster, food's the route to go!

Until next time - Happy Growing!

12 October, 2012


The CannabiSL Team is proud to announce our new ORANGE KUSH MUTANT seeds, now availble at our in-world store and at the Breedables Fright Night Expo!  The deep orange foliage is perfect for your autumn and Halloween grows, too!

While we were working on the foliage textures, we agreed that the plants that had the "bright" mutation looked so much prettier - perfect autumn color.  So we decided to sell only mutant ORANGE KUSH seeds.

All offspring of 1st generation bright mutants will also display the bright mutation, too.  So an ORANGE KUSH male would be a good way to "inject" the bright phenotype into other foliages. 

"O.K." is an indoor/outdoor variety, so no lighting is required, but if grown under lights, they mature much faster! 

Four seeds  for L$300 at the in-world store, HUD included!

Happy Growing!

(To keep this post from being too tedious, we won't get into the math behind the bright mutation, but feel free to contact Djeaux in-world if you'd like the gory details!)  

27 September, 2012

Do BLONDE'S have more fun?  HELL YEAH!
Like my new color?

Brand new
Premuim Indoor Seeds
(Requires Grow-Lite)
New K-9 Version
Available at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Breeder's Borough

18 September, 2012

Pssst! Hey buddy...

2 Kool 2 B 4-Gotten
... we're gonna have a new special single strain seed pack in the head shop soon - Orange Kush.  These plants will look great with your autumn and Halloween decorations, and every one of them is a bright mutant.  That's right, all your first generation Orange Kush plants will have the bright mutation, and that means that their second gen offspring will all be brights, too.  Get this new genotype into your breeding popuation, and see a brighter future!

Four seeds for L$300 at the in-world store, coming soon!  Version 1.420 K-9 scripts, HUD included.

07 September, 2012

WE'RE GROWING!!!!!!!!!!! 
Check out this blog on Breedables Inc
Great explainiation of how we began & updates on need versions:) 
Thank you Tracy Sparrowtree

29 August, 2012

Status Update: Version 1.420 Bug Fix

Thanks to Hurricane Isaac, our bug fix for the "rare mutation" mentioned on the 25th had to be delayed a little... We used the extra time to address some other issues that arise when back-crossing earlier Limited Edition plants with the new version, as well as add a new mutation and a couple of cool appearance features.

  • In addition to the new Blonde Lebanese strain mentioned in the earlier post here, we added three previous Limited Editions to the internal database that every seed carries. Version 1.420 females are now fully compatible with foliage from Giant Champion, RFL Pink Ribbon, and American Beauty papas, and those cool LE foliages are no inheritable!
  • Second, the "bug fix" seeds will feature a special "Dayglo Bright" mutation (25% chance) that sets foliage into full bright node.
  • Third, plants rotate randomly from zero to 180 degrees at germination to help break up the monotony of a row of identical plants.
  • And lastly, there's a 50:50 chance that the foliage texture will flip left to right at each growth interval, again to provide a little more visual interest to your gardens.

Hopefully, the post Isaac clean-up won't take too long, and the bug fix (tentatively labelled 1.420 K-9) should be in the store by week's end. 

25 August, 2012

A rare mutation has been discovered in version 1.420k2 offspring. 

This ONLY affects purebred offspring where both parents are the same type.  When germinated, these plants will display the version number instead of the correct name, and the banner will not show all the stats. 

The solution is simple: RENAME the plants.  This forces a complete refresh of the banner & stats.

In honor of this discovery, we will be releasing a Limited Edition (with bug fix) in the next day or so - BLONDE LEBANESE!

07 August, 2012

Version 2.10 Update

Icon for New ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ HUD
Things have been really busy at the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Skunk Works lately! We're very close to having Version 2.10 ready for beta testing and a projected roll-out later this month!  (And yes, it's Version 2.10 because that's half of 4.20.)

All the new features originally planned for the update -- one-prim sculpty build, potential for multiple offspring from a single female, inheritance of dad's foliage and not just mom's, and dwarf/giant mutants -- are functional.  We're doing accelerated testing, cleaning up the scripts, testing, collecting statistical data, and did we mention testing?  Along the line, we've finalized some critical details and added an exciting new feature.

First, the odds of multiple seed production...  Each female has an 80% chance of producing one seed brick, a 15% chance of producing two, and a 5% chance of producing three.  This translates into a total yield of about 125% of the original seed "investment." Extensive offline testing of the scripts showed that actual yields varied from 117% to 127%.  In-world tests with small batches (up to 8 generations of five to ten initial seeds)  have all showed acceptable gains.  What this means is that you are not likely to see your breeding stock "fizzle out" after several generations.

As mentioned in a post last month, offspring now have a 33% chance of displaying the father's foliage color (and not just the mom's like version 1).  This is inheritable, and we've observed test grows morph from the mom's coloration to the dad's coloration in a couple of generations (with a bit of "statistical luck").

Several breeders have commented that plants "grow up too fast."  We're changing some of the growth rates to make things a little more manageable, and Version 2.10 will be changing to a 90 minute growth cycle.  This will make your plants grow about 50% slower, but it will also mean that your mature males will remain viable for six days instead of four!

Finally, responding to numerous requests from growers, we've developed a simple HUD to let you toggle hovertext banners on and off, switch between private/public messaging in local chat, and feed whole groups of plants at the same time with just a couple of mouse clicks.  What's more, the HUD system can be set up to control several different groups of plants independently, and you can share a HUD (and your password) with a trusted friend or partner so they can take care of your plants if you have to be away for several days!  The HUD will be distributed free with seed packs and starter kits.

We're excited, and we hope you are too! Happy Growing! 

04 August, 2012


By popular demand, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Plant Food Spikes are now available in 10-packs to make things easier for folks who have been buying lots of the 2-packs. Save time and money! Fewer boxes to open, fewer folders to juggle, and for a limited time, our 10-packs contain eleven spikes. One box, one folder, more food! "Buy 10, get one free." L$500 only at our store in The Borough

24 July, 2012

Update From the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Skunk Works

Skunk X Haze Hybrid Showing Dad's Foliage Colors!
(Version 2.0 Testing Grow, 22 July 2012)
Those of you who follow ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ on Facebook have already seen some photos taken of the 23rd test grow of Version 2.0 late Sunday (22 July).  Or maybe it was early Monday, heck, we don't know! There's a lot of "time dilation" in Second Life when your wired and inspired!  But here's another picture, actually from grow #22 (so it was definitely Sunday, unless of course it was Monday).

Those of you who have been breeding ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ for a while know that in Version 1.x plants the foliage colo(u)r in hybrid plants always matches that of the mother.  But in Version 2.0, there's a 1:3 chance that the baby will display dad's foliage color!  Look closely at the hover text over this baby: Mom was Purple Haze.  But it's showing Super Skunk colors! 

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ genetic engineers have already moved on, though, and yesterday was spent with two more test grows.  (For those who are wondering, the special lab facilities at the Skunk Works allow us to grow our plants almost 250 times faster than normal.) One thing invariably leads to another, and they're already chasing several challenging issues that arise when these new plants are grown out to seven or eight generations.  But they are happy to report that the last test grow (#25) went from five initial seeds to a fourth generation anticipated yield of fifteen hybrid seeds, not counting a couple of seeds that were sacrificed for genetic analysis.  What this means to you the grower is that beginning with the new version, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ will be a sustainable "game" for those who are interested in an emerging secondary market or establishing large "pharms."

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team is tossing around several ideas now that will add even more fun and excitement to growing the only breedable cannabis product in Second Life.  We thank those growers who've let us know about problems and puzzles -- some are very uncommon and we have to figure out how to duplicate them -- and who have provided suggestions for the new version.  Also, we'd like to thank those who picked up RFL seeds and helped us raise real money for a real cause!

Happy growing!

16 July, 2012

Held over till Friday July 21st!!!!
Support RFL and our Team by picking up a pack of Pink Ribbon Cannabisl LE seeds -
2 seeds for a L$150 donation to the American Cancer Society.
Every little bit is a step toward whipping a disease that needs to be whipped.

Delicate pink edged leaves & the classic ribbon, pick up a batch... probably the last for version 1.30f so males from these seeds are gonna be "very useful" and every linden goes to a cause we ALL believe in help us whip that cancer biatch !!!

So far we have raised $4500L..but you can buy at both locations and make that total go HIGHER!!!

06 July, 2012

Update From the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Genetics Lab

4th of July at the New Store!
As we opened the new store at the Breeders' Borough and took part in the 4th of July Breedables Hunt, we met a lot of growers and got a ton of great ideas.  The current version (1.30f) works great and is a lot of fun, but we aim to provide and support a sustainable hobby for growers and breeders.

Accordingly, work has already started in the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Genetics Lab (aka "Skunk Works") toward the next major update.  In fact, we feel that the new update deserves a big jump in numbering, so we'll be moving to version 2.0!  Right now, we're looking hopefully at a roll-out in August, just in time for back-to-school breeders to set up their dormitory grow rooms!

Some of the new features we're planning include:
  • A sculpty build that will reduce the prims per plant from four to one. This means that you'll be able to grow four times as many plants! We think the new sculpty looks a lot better than the version 1.xx plants, too!  Less will be more!
  • Females able to produce more than a single seed.  Our current plan is for first-generation females to randomly select their reproductive level (probably from 1 to 5 seeds), and this factor would then be passed on to future generations.  So very soon, breeders can start working toward high-yield crops!
  • A chance that offspring will have the father's foliage texture instead of just the mother's.
  • Giant and dwarf size mutations - these will be rare (like the current Ultra growth rate mutation) to add even more "chance" to each breeding.
We will also be making some important but less visible changes in the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ script.  First, we'll adding an update system, so when bug fixes or new features are added your plants' offspring will be automagically upgraded.  Second, we'll be adding code for hooking plants to an out-world database server and possibly even a website where you'll be able to track your hybrid breeding activities. As we implement all of these features, we'll be optimizing everything to make sure you get the fastest and least-laggy breedable possible!

Finally, be assured that the move to version 2.0 will not break your existing breeding activities.  As always, we will maintain back-compatibility with earlier versions, if necessary providing migration tools for you.  We want ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ to be fun, challenging, and sustainable for all of us!

Happy Growing! It's bound to be 4:20 somewhere!

02 July, 2012

"Show your POTriotism for the Fourth of July by growing a batch of American Beauty. 
This Limited Edition grows up to 4 meters tall, has the highest potency and a tantalizingly slow growth rate. 

Add this mega sized plant & a terrific foliage to your breeding stock"

Available this week only.... At our new store in Breeders' Borough.

29 June, 2012

Version 1.30 now available!

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team celebrates American Independence Day (aka the National Fireworks Holiday) with the opening of a new store in The Breeders' Borough.  This is a sim dedicated to a wide variety of breedables, and we're flattered to be the latest addition to the scene there.

In honor of this auspicious occasion, the new, improved ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ 1.30 seed packs are now available at both our in-world stores. There are numerous bug fixes and some new game features that we mentioned in an earlier post.  All our products are getting new packaging, too!  Special shout-outs go to Cog Zeplin and Zoso Zepp for some great scripting help, and to Eden Malik and Nephelle Lanate of The Breeders' Borough for their enthusiastic support and valuable insights!

The original store is located across from the legendary Hotel Chelsea and our new store is at The Breeders' Borough.

Happy Growing! It's 4:20 somewhere!

25 June, 2012


Coming soon!  Starting on July 3, CannabiSL will be participating in a breedables hunt.  Lots of different breedables will be featured, so stop by the store in the Chelsea sim for information and to grab the group tag you'll need to participate.  We'll be giving out a Limited Edition seed and plant food spikes to hunters!

We'll also be opening a new satellite store in Breedables Borough.  The new store will be larger and more open, and there'll be a little "head shop" right next to it!  Keep an eye on this space (and your CannabiSL Growers and Breeders Group notices) for more information on this exciting new location!

In response to numerous user suggestions and comments, we'll be releasing a major update (version 1.30) this week!  This version will include several new "game" features as well as bug fixes, such as:
  • Fixed the 8-hour feeding bug where subsequent feedings sometimes failed,
  • Fixed lighting detection for indoor plants,
  • Fixed a re-rezzing bug where plants taken into inventory during the first hour would re-select their strain & gender,
  • An increased incentive for feeding your plants,
  • Increased ultra-feminization to 8:1 from 2:1.
The new version will maintain back compatibility with prior CannabiSL plants, so be sure to save your favorite males!  (Just make them dormant or take them into inventory.)  Because there will be a price increase associated with the new version, we'll be making a "loyalty pack" available to help our existing customers transition to the new version update.  Again, keep an eye for a group notice about how to pick up your loyalty pack.

Finally, to celebrate Independence Day we'll be releasing a special "POTRIOTIC" Limited Edition seed pack which will be available during the week of the hunt.  The Limited Edition (tentatively named "American Beauty") will be available starting July 3.

Happy Growing!

20 April, 2012

New Store in Lanestris

After a month in limbo, the CannabiSL store has reopened in the Chelsea sim across from the Hotel Chelsea.  We're really excited, because the new Chelsea sim is being built from the ground up, and lag is much lower than it was before!   Keep an eye on the blog and your inworld notices for some Grand Reopening specials, including a fantastic Acapulco Gold strain that we'll be rolling out over the weekend!

17 March, 2012

Status of In-world Store

At present (9:30 AM SLT, Saturday, March 17), there is no CannabiSL store in-world.  CannabiSL seeds, plant food spikes, and starter kits remain available on Marketplace.

We hope to remedy this situation within the next few days and will be posting updates to the CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group and here on the blog...

Our original site closed on Thursday after the owner of the Lanestris (Hotel Chelsea) announced that the sim would shut down on March 20.  Along with many other SL residents, the CannabiSL Team is sad to see the Chelsea closing.  It truly has been a landmark for the past several years.  An opportunity arose to relocate the store to a club and mall site that was under development.  Unfortunately, this development abruptly closed down yesterday.

We are currently looking for in-world location(s) for the CannabiSL store, and again, when we have it set up, we'll notify the group!

26 February, 2012

Pot O' Gold Purebred Seeds

(Model & metal pot not included.)

This Leprechaun-sized outdoor variety (no lighting needed) has emerald and gold foliage, high potency, and a tantalizingly slow growth rate. Intermediate in size between Big Bud and White Widow and slightly bushier, Pot O' Gold makes a great "sea of green" decor item as well as being a good base for small plant breeding!

Limited Edition - Only available thru March 17
Pkg of 3 seeds - L$99
(Package includes free gift!)

25 February, 2012


(Plants not included)

The Compact Grow-Lite is a lower-prim alternative to the standard Grow-Lite included with our starter kits.  With room for up to four indoor-type CannabiSL plants, the circular design fits nicely in corners, so it's ideal for apartment dwellers or others with space limits. 

This week we're knocking one-third off the regular price.  Here's your chance!

13 February, 2012


Here is Panama Red fully mature & all ready for a Valentine's Day "picnic".

You have to jump in & out of the heart it is so tall!

I may design a labyrinth next using Purple Haze:)
....or not, who know!!!

Have fun & Happy growing!

10 February, 2012

"Strawberry Fields Forever"

I planted our new PANAMA RED seeds in shape of a heart for V-Day <3

Started with rezzing a box to mark off the heart in the field and then planted one seed by each box..& voile'

This is day one w/plants spikes in center of each set of two seedlings. They get pretty big too!!!

06 February, 2012

Giant Champion Seed Packs Available

THIS WEEK ONLY in honor of the World Champion New York Giants, the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team has released our specially-bred Giant Champion pure strain seeds! Available only at our in-world store, L$149 for six seeds!

Giant Champion features a foliage texture that could only happen in Second Life, along with maximum potency, fastest growth, and the largest mature size of any ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ varieties (so far).  Mature Giant Champions will be three meters tall -- that's ten feet, folks! 

Mature plants are ideal for converting into decor by using the "Remove" option or for gifting to hardcore New England fans!  Remember, foliage appearance is inherited through females, so you can also use your Giant Champion males to breed in that HUGE size to other foliage lines.

Giant Champion ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ seeds will only be available through February 12, so don't miss the chance to add these to your seed bank and grow room!

04 February, 2012

Super Bowl Special & More!

Fire up a super bowl with our new version roll-out!  Version 1.21 includes a bunch of improvements in the "under the hood" scripting, but the most visible change is the new 8-hour feeding cycle.  You won't have to click "feed" every hour to keep your plants growing fast and happy.  One click every eight hours will do it.  Other upgrades include changes that will prevent (rare) cross-talking between plants' menus and a fix for the "gray plant disease" that has struck a couple of growers.  Finally, version 1.21 plants have a one percent chance of being ultra fast-growing.  Like foliage color, the ultra trait is passed along maternal lines, for those who are "pixel geneticists."

The roll-out will be February 5 at both our in-world store and SL Marketplace.  A Super Bowl Special seed pack will be available at our in-world store, too.

As always, growers who have unused seeds from earlier version can swap for the new ones.   Just contact Djeaux Farrasco by IM or notecard in-world to set up an exchange.

January 2012 Newsletter

CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group (CGBG)
Tips & Tricks - January 2012

In this issue:
    - How to Plant Seeds & Bricks
    - New Compact Grow-Lite
    - A Word About Updates
    - Coming Soon!

The CannabiSL Team spends a lot of time in the greenhouse testing and tweaking our products, and trust us, after germinating a few hundred seeds, we notice some things...

When you first plant a CannabiSL seed, simply place it on top of whatever substrate (ground, pot, or Grow-Lite system) you choose. Based on our experience, we strongly recommend that you use a raised planter of some sort. You can design your own planter or use the FREE GIFT included in this newsletter. Of course the CannabiSL Grow-Lite systems provide both a raised planting bed and the light source needed for optimum growth of indoor and indoor/outdoor plants.

If your newly-germinated seedling is hovering slightly above the substrate surface, that's okay.  In most cases,  the "gap" will become less noticeable as the plant grows and takes root. 

At the end of the growth cycle, harvest your bricks.  You should notice the bricks are embedded slightly into your planting surface. If you germinate these bricks in place, your new seedling will occupy exactly the same location as its mother. 

If you need to move your brick or take it into inventory, just "eyeball" how far it extends into the surface and try to duplicate that location when you do plant the brick. (Basically, embedding the brick slightly less than halfway into the surface is ideal.)

This picture shows a properly embedded seed brick and a first-generation seed ready to germinate:

When using a raised planter or Grow-Lite system, if you cannot locate a brick after harvesting (or the timer expires on a flowering plant), just move the planter aside. Odds are the brick will be there -- you simply planted the mother plant a little too deep!


There's now an alternative to the large Grow-Lite system included in the CannabiSL Starter Kit! The Compact Grow-Lite is a lower-prim system with room for up to four indoor-type CannabiSL plants. The circular design fits nicely in corners, so it's ideal for apartment dwellers or others with space limits.  Available only at the in-world store.

If your plans involve selectively breeding the larger, indoor/outdoor strains, you'll like the standard Grow-Lite included in the Starter Kit. We routinely cram 5-8 plants in these beds, no problem. Plus, the larger Grow-Lite includes a color selection menu to coordinate with the rest of your decor. Remember, the Starter Kits represent a significant savings over buying a Compact Grow-Lite, 12-pack of mixed seeds, and a pack of Plant Food Spikes.


The CannabiSL Team is committed to continually improving and enhancing our products. Rest assured that your CannabiSL accessories (Plant Food Spikes and Grow-Lite systems) will remain fully compatible with future seed versions. If we add a feature to an accessory you already own, we will exchange for the newer version, no questions asked. And if you have unused seeds from an earlier version and wish to exchange them for the newest release version, just contact Djeaux Farrasco, Gloria Delicioso, or BlueNote Cyberstar for assistance.

The newest versions of everything will always be available at our in-world store before they're put on Marketplace, and we will be offering some limited edition seeds and accessories at the in-world store or affiliate vendors. So keep an eye on notices and group chat!


CannabiSL version 1.20 was released several weeks ago and features unique foliage colors for each variety of plant as well as simplified transplanting. The CannabiSL Team is already busy finalizing version 1.21, which will include an enhanced menu communication system, an 8-hour feeding period with feeding times displayed in each plant's hover text, and a very special "ultra" mutation. Like our previous updates, version 1.21 will be fully backwardly compatible with versions 1.11 and 1.20. We're shooting for a Super Bowl roll-out for the latest and greatest, so keep an eye on this space!

Happy growing!

December 2011 Newsletter

CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group (CGBG)
Tips & Tricks - December 2011

In this issue:

Once you have germinated your CannabiSL seed, it's just like other plants and requires special handling if you want to move (transplant) it.  It's not rocket science, but it will help prevent some "strange issues" that new growers sometimes report back to us.  If you don't move your CannabiSL plants properly, you may experience growing plants that "jump" around at the end of an hourly growth period or you may find that your shake, sensemilla, or seed bricks "vanish."

Here's the drill:
  1. If possible, place your seed before germinating it.  This is really the simplest solution: Plant 'em where you want 'em, and leave 'em there!
  2. Once you have germinated a plant, you can move it during the vegetative growth phase.  To do this:  
  • Click the plant to display the owner menu.
  • Select "Pause" from the menu.
  • Right-click the plant, select edit, and move it.  You may also take it into inventory while paused.
  • After repositioning the plant, click to display the owner menu.
  • Select "Resume" from the menu.
Plants that have entered the flowering phase should not be moved, as this will cause the bricks (produced at harvest) to rez at the original place where the plant was located.  (If you have missing bricks, the first place to check is where you had the plants placed earlier.)

TIP: If you have indoor or indoor/outdoor plants and move them under a Grow-Lite, be sure to Pause before moving and Resume afterwards.   If you rez a light over indoor plants after they are growing, Pause and Resume even if you don't actually move the plants.  That way the plants will scan and recognize the lighting system.

Strictly speaking, CannabiSL Plant Food Spikes are optional.  Your plants will grow at the predefined growth rate without them.  Plant Food Spikes accelerate growth for plants within a 1 meter range.  Just like real plants, you must manually feed them by clicking "Feed" in the owner menu during the vegetative growth phase.  Each growth period takes approximately one hour, and you can feed the plant once during each period.  Feeding increases growth by 5% during that time period.  And just like with real plants, overfeeding is not good.  Overfeeding results in a 1% decrease in the normal growth expected during that growth period.

Plant Food Spikes are time sensitive and last for 48 hours.  They transition from green (100%-50% time left) to yellow (50%-0% time left) to red (expired), and you can see the exact number of hours remaining by clicking on the Plant Food Spike and watching local chat.  While they are active, Plant Food Spikes will feed any number of plants (within range) any number of times (including overfeeding).

Plant Food Spikes are available on Marketplace and at our inworld store.


The CannabiSL Skunk Works is busy working on version 1.2.  In the new version, each CannabiSL variety will have its own unique foliage color, and plants will be "feminized" so that you will get (statistically speaking) 2/3's females and a higher seed yield.  We are also working on an easier way to move plants to address the issues mentioned in this newsletter.  The new version will remain "genetically" backwardly compatible with version 1.11 seeds.  When version 1.2 is released, we will offer a one-for-one seed swap to members of the CGBG.  Keep an eye on the group for more!

Remember,  bring your friends by our inworld store.  If they join the CGB Group and put on the group tag, there is a Pot Bot that will give them a free Purple Haze seed!  Then team up with them, see if you have a breeding pair, and GROW YOUR OWN!

In closing, the CannabiSL Team -- Djeaux, Gleaux, and BlueNote -- wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season and a New Year filled with blue skies and green plants!  Happy growing! It's 4:20 somewhere! :)