29 December, 2014

Deluxe Liquid Plant Food

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team is proud to announce the DELUXE LIQUID PLANT FOOD DISPENSER! The new dispensers have several features that will make feeding plants much more convenient!
  • Deluxe Liquid Plant Food Dispensers can be pre-loaded with multiple Plant Food Refill canisters for weeks (or even months) of uninterrupted, maintenance-free feeding!
  • Refills last five percent longer in the Deluxe Dispensers. The same Refills that last 96 hours in the "classic" Liquid Plant Food system work for 100 hours in a Deluxe Dispenser!
  • A Deluxe Dispenser can be configured to send an IM notice when less than 25% time remains on the last refill loaded in it. So you never have dispensers run dry because you didn't know.
  • In addition to the animated "level" and color coding you're familiar with from the "classic" Liquid Plant Food dispenser, Deluxe Dispensers have a spinning logo to show you when they are activated. No more missed feedings because you left a feeder paused!
DELUXE LIQUID PLANT FOOD KITS are now on sale at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central for the special introductory price of L$1000. The kit includes a pre-filled dispenser plus one Refill (for a total of 200 hours of uninterrupted feeding), as well as a bonus Crop Circle to help you set up feeding. Enjoy a whole new level of convenience in 2015 with a DELUXE LIQUID PLANT FOOD system!

(Special note: Every feature in the new DELUXE LIQUID PLANT FOOD system was suggested by a grower. ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™  listens to its community!)

20 December, 2014

In Search of...

... the HOLLY GRAIL, the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Holly-day LE! All wrapped up for your midwinter festivities, this high potency, fast-growing indoor strain will take you over the top with its special effects! On sale now thru December 26 "on the dock" at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central!

(L-R: Bright, Non-Bright)
Our first LE to feature particle effects, Generation 1 HOLLY GRAIL turn on the lights when they reach 100% maturity (flowering). And yes, you can "decor" them for future reference! (Of course, they'll also pay some spacey holiday music, too!)

(L-R: Non-Bright, Bright)
During testing, we found that the sparkling lights had an interesting side-effectd. If a bright plant is in front of a non-bright plant, that side of the non-bright plant appears bright due to ambient lighting. If the non-bright plant is in front of a bright plant, the visible side is much darker. (See the pics!)

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team wishes you and yours a happy holiday season, whether it's Chanukka, Kwanzaa, Festivus, Christmas, or a few days off work! We'll be bringing you some new "special effects," a couple of new genetic traits, and the best "Growing Family" in Second Life. "Don't you dare miss it!"

08 December, 2014

Break on Thru to the Other Side!

In a period of just a few months in 1970-71, the music world world lost Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin & Jim Morrison. The third "dead rock star" LE honors the LIZARD KING, singer for legendary '60s rock band The Doors. Born 8 December 1943, Jim Morrison is regarded by critics and fans alike as one of the most iconic figures in rock'n'roll history.

LIZARD KING shares size, growth, & potency traits (large, very high potency, medium growth rate) with HENDRIX HAZE and JANIS plants released earlier this fall & features a dramatic blue foliage that's sure to light your fire.

And yes, like the others in the "dead rock star" set, first generation LIZARD KING plants will sing to you!

Break on thru to the other side! On sale for a limited time only - 3 seeds for L$420 "on the dock" at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central.

05 December, 2014



The long-rumored revolution in feeding plants is about to happen! After months of in-house and beta testing by users, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the DELUXE LIQUID PLANT FOOD DISPENSER. 

There are four major enhancements. Three of these can be figured out from the menu screenshot at the right. See how many you can figure out!


(Don't worry, the Deluxe Dispenser uses the same Refills as our legacy Liquid Plant Food Dispensers, so you can use Refills you already have. It doesn't require a more expensive refill. And of course, your existing "legacy" Liquid Plant Food Dispensers will continue to operate as they always have.)

Thanksgiving Vacation?

It's Thanksgiving! When the Pilgrims were giving thanks for having not starved to death, guys like William Kidd, Blackbeard, Sir Francis Drake, and Johnny Depp were sailing around the Spanish Main looking for CARIBBEAN TREASURE!

And that's what's unloading at the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Dock -- a galleon load of Colombian Gold and Jamaican Silver, medium potency, medium growth rate, outdoor plants that grow big and bushy!

Packaged four to a box (two each, gold and silver),

27 October, 2014

Treats ... and a Trick

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team went down to Louisiana to fetch some seeds from the hoochie coochie man to celebrate our third Halloween! You'll need every mojo, hex, and spell you can find to handle their supernatural stats, too!

Swamp Moss
SWAMP MOSS is the first of this year's wicked trio. Its foliage comes straight from the swamp. It's a very low potency plant but packs a full 5.0 extreme growth rate if you feed it. You'll need Grow-Lites for these indoor speed freaks!

With a pitch black foliage and red highlights, VOODOO shows its face to the world. It's a statistical mirror image of its sister: a 5.0 superweed out of the box with very slow growth rate. No need to feed 'em, but they're indoor/outdoor. You can trick them into growing faster with Lites!

Green Slime
Finally, no trip to the voodoo bayou is complete without an attack by GREEN SLIME. This plant is absolutely dripping with resinous goo. It's a medium potency, medium growth rate outdoor plant, too. (It's messy enough as it is without freaky stats! :-)

These are available as single seeds for L$125 each at the panel vendor "on the dock" at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central.

02 October, 2014

Come on, Come on, Take It!

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team remembers the Queen of Psychedelic Blues Rock, Janis Joplin, on the 44th anniversary of her death with a distinctive Limited Edition.

JANIS is a very high potency, medium growth rate indoor/outdoor variety. Featuring a classic overlay portait of "Pearl" in muted pinks and greens, JANIS is a great "Combination of the Two" with last month's Hendrix Haze LE.

So you and Bobbie McGee need to kick off the ball and chain, hop in your Mercedes Benz, head on over to ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central, and try just a little bit harder.

Packs of three JANIS seeds are on sale now "at the dock" for L$420.

04 September, 2014

Are You Experienced?

Hendrix Haze is our tribute to the great guitarist Jimi Hendrix on the 44th anniversary of his death.

Very high potency, medium growth rate indoor outdoor plants with a foliage as psychedelic as Jimi's music, Hendrix Haze has its real-llife counterparts, Purple Haze and Hendrix OG. If you can't remember that, Gen 1 plants will remind you musically. These stand-out plants are sure to be favorites in everyone's grows!

So find a Foxey Lady, get out in the Crosstown Traffic and head over to ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™Central to grab some seeds. Sure cure for Manic Depression. Looks great outside your Red House or standing next to your Fire. Are you experienced? Hey Djeaux!

22 August, 2014


PINEAPPLE KUSH - A small-sized indoor variety, very fast growing, with 5.0 SUPERWEED potency! It's the newest addition to the Summer Fruit series, as tall as Watermelon but a lot slimmer, with a foliage texture sampled from Pineapple Kush buds and ... pineapples!

Plus it's a BOGO! With every 3-seed pack you buy for the regular LE price of L$375, you'll get a one-seed bonus pack absolutely free!!!

On sale now "at the dock" so BOGO over to CannabiSL Central and grab them before they're gone. The vendor poofs at the start of the Hemp Day Auction on August 27, so "don't you dare miss it!"

09 August, 2014

"I thought I saw a PUDDY CAT!"

Every now & again our "growing" family gathers around to help someone who has been there for US...they do not ask, but WE KNOW how it feels for people to care and so we are offering a New LE "Tweetey Bird" (bright cause, well, they are just cuter!) Limited to sell only 60 packs and one per person, and that is so we show D & Tweets we all care:) On the deck by the picnic table...grab one (2 seeds per pack), they may go fast! & THANK YOU ALL..one day you may be in need too! Never know about life's curve balls!http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/224/206/22

30 July, 2014


ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ entry this year was "THE GREAT OZ" in the annual RFL One of a Kind (OOAK) silent/live auction. Complete package included the Great Oz breeding pair (one male and one 3-seed female) and will be the only Generation 1 GREAT OZ plants released ever, plus a complete collection of the Wizard of Oz Series, Liquid Plant Food Kit, Crop Circle & Compact Grow light.

The minimum starting bid was L$2500 but ended at L$67,000! Bidding was very lively and near the end we heard some surprise bids even...but the WINNER was LOMINOLA REHULA. who knew what she wanted and also is a huge supporter of RFL! Congratulation Lomi:))))
Djeaux and I also want to thank all our Patrons who bid and supported this amazing cause....you guys ROCK:) Totals were close to L$200,000 so we can all be proud of how much WEED helps PEOPLE too. GO ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ :)

02 July, 2014


The RFL 2014 Breedables Fair opens on July 2 & ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ invites you to go OVER THE RAINBOW to help Relay for Life of Second Life fight against cancer. The Fair has a terrific Wizard of Oz theme and features all sorts of amazing breedables! Exhibits, a hunt, and fun events! So visit early & often!

ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ is releasing three fundraiser LEs to support the RFL Breedables Fair. All are very high potency, medium growth rate, outdoor plants, and feature some of the most amazing ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ foliages yet! And every Generation 1 plant plays a distinctive sound clip, too!
RFL House Plant

  • RFL OT Rainbow - Our RFL Limited Edition, available at our exhibit, L$300 donation per seed.
  • RFL House Plant - Our Limited Edition hunt prize includes Mashed Witch Tire Planter.
  • RFL Great Oz OOAK Auction - ONE OF A KIND (OOAK) breeding pair, one male and one 3-seed female.
 These will be the only Generation 1 GREAT OZ plants released. Minimum bid, L$2500. Both plants have been grown to 94% maturity and are currently dormant. As with all Wizard of Oz series plants, GREAT OZ is very high potency (4.0%), medium growth rate (3.0%), outdoor variety, 2.25 meters tall and 2.1 meters width, one bright and one non-bright.
The OOAK auction package includes one ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Crop Circle and one Liquid Plant Food Starter Kit (dispenser and refill). In addition, the winning bid will receive a full "NO PLACE LIKE HOME" set: RFL OT Rainbow, RFL House Plant, Tornado, Lollipop, Ruby Slippers, Yellow Brick, Emerald City, and Glinda. Total value of "extras" is L$1400.

Silent bidding at our auction board at RFL Breedables Fair through July 14, then a live auction. Keep an eye on Group Notices for more details about this unique opportunity!

ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ WOZ Summer Series

In addition to the RFL Breedables Fair Limited Editions, the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team has prepared a special Wizard of Oz series that will be released at two-day intervals during the Fair. These plants are also very high potency, medium growth rate, outdoor varieties, and all Generation1 plants have themed sound effects. All WOZ Series plants will be available as single seed packs for L$125 each.
Release Schedule:
  • Tornado - July 2-4
  • Lollipop - July 4-6
  • Ruby Slippers - July 6-8
  • Yellow Brick - July 8-10
  • Emerald City - July 10-12
  • Glinda - July 12-14
 "There's no place like home!"

(Left to Right) Glinda, Emerald City, Yellow Brick, Ruby Slippers, Lollipop, and Tornado.
(Fine print: The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ WOZ Summer Series LEs  are not RFL Fundraisers!)

15 June, 2014


Effective immediately, every time you purchase a 10-pack of Plant Food Spikes, a Liquid Plant Food refill, or a Liquid Plant Food dispenser system, you'll also get a "WHITE RABBIT HAZE" seed absolutely free. If you have been meaning to change your grows over to LPF here is your chance to get going and get something really special along with the deal... for a limited time only @ ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ http://slurl.com/secondlife/Petopia/196/202/22

26 May, 2014

Version 3.02 is here now!

Gleaux says "Grab an Update Transmogrifier today!"
Over the past weekend, the latest upgrade for ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ was released.  All standard varieties, Starter Kit, and Super Sampler Pack are now Version 3.02!  Update your existing plants with a free Update Transmogrifier (CSLUT) from the store!

Version 3.02 includes some major new features that will improve your workflow and simplify your pharming chores 

Menu stay-alives keep the Owner Menu open after certain operations, significantly smoothing the process of germinating and feeding plants. Streamlined hovertext and stats make gender, lighting, and growth status easier to read at a glance. What's more, newly germinated plants are now five times larger (5% vs 1% mature).  The larger sized babies are easier to see and work with.

Just as important, "under the hood" we've made some important changes. In addition to a couple of security patches, scripts now use up to 20% less memory, so they run a little faster and create even less lag!

All ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ plants Version 2.0 or higher can be updated using an Update TransmogrifierAs in the past, the update process will not affect the plant you update, but sets the plant so all offspring will be Version 3.02. To verify that a plant has been updated, right-click on it and select Edit. Go to the Contents tab, right click on "ovule," and select "Properties." If the ovule is Version 3.02, your plant is updated!

All plants brought to ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central  auction, offered in a Pot Plot, or advertised in the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™  Advertising/Auctions Group on or after May 31 must be updated to Version 3.02.

24 May, 2014

"Everybody Must Get Stoned"

Celebrating the 73rd birthday of the guy who forced folk into bed with rock, the conscience and voice of a generation, Bob Dylan, the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team is happy to release the first Version 3.02 Limited Edition, ISIS.  These medium-small high potency, medium-growing indoor/outdoor plants feature a blue-eyed foliage sure to make a Rainy Day Woman swoon, and first generation plants will serenade you with our International Anthem.

Packs of five seeds are priced at L$365 (which is L$73 per seed), making Isis one of our most affordable LEs ever!

Isis goes on sale after auction tonight (24 May), and people who at the auction will obviously have a leg up on the rest of the known world. So be at the auction starting at 4:20 SLT, and see some amazing plants put up by Sable Foxtrot and Chiliwilli Quan. For the rest of the known world, Isis will remain on sale for 24 hours.

Stop by and see the display now! 

Throughout the day, we'll be rolling out Version 3.02 in our Standard Seed Packs, Super Sampler, and Starter Kits. An new Version 3.02 Update Transmogrifier (CSLUT) will be available as well at the storefront.

Version 3.02 includes some major new features. Menu stay-alives and streamlined hovertext & stats will probably be the most obvious for experienced breeders. When first germinated, plants will now be 5%, rather than 1%, mature. Larger sized babies are easier to see and work with. These changes will (hopefully) improve "workflow" and simplify your pharming "chores."

There are a bunch more tweaks to amuse you throughout the plant life cycle -- we'll see who spots 'em! Finally on the technical side, Version 3.02 includes a couple of security fixes and uses significantly less script memory "on the server" (which in turn will create even less lag for your sim).

Due to the unannounced "stealth" introduction of version 3.02, we won't be requiring updates for plants brought to auction tonight or next Wednesday.

08 May, 2014


Don't sell your soul for "BLUES SERIES 6" when you can buy 'em RIGHT NOW! The long-awaited addition to the coveted BLUES SERIES set, is a very special LE tribute to the King of the Delta Blues, ROBERT JOHNSON! Medium potency, medium growth ...rate, medium-tall outdoor plants, 3 singing seeds/L$399 VERY LIMITED TIME, don't miss out! Come on down to the cross roads, outrun the hellhound on your trail, stones in your passway, all your love's in vain. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/223/207/22 ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™...the #1 growable, breedable, collectible WeeDable, virtual cannabis product in Second Life

04 May, 2014

"Ay Caramba! NEW Cinco de Mayo LE

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo we created "CHILI PEPPER" to have you grinnin'& shakin' & dancin' to "The Mexican Hat Dance" too! HIGH potency, FAST growth rate outdoor plant & 2.55 meters tall!
5 seeds L$555 (ONE DAY ONLY...till midnight 5/5)  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/201/234/23 ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™...the #1 growable, breedable, collectible WeeDable, virtual cannabis product in Second Life

20 April, 2014


You'll see stars when you pick up the 4/20 members only LE. Like Nebula 420 and Quasar 420, COSMO 420 is a slow-growing bushy plant with a medium (1.51 meter) height and another super spacey foliage. And it's a 5.0 Superweed right out of the box, too! Only available to CannabiSL Breeders & Growers Group members at the annual 4/20 Wackyweedapalooza Party.

 + GIFTS + PRIZES + SPECIAL NEW 420 LE!!! RAISE FUNDS & AWARENESS FOR NORML http://norml.org/ to help change the "REEFER MADNESS"
@ CḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ 8 MILES HIGH (8MH)
http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/168/226/802 ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™...the #1 growable, breedable, collectible WeeDable, virtual cannabis product in Second Life

13 April, 2014

It's a Marshmallow World!

For the Spring Holidays, the CannabiSL Team proudly introduces four additions to a very popular set. JEEPERS MINT, JEEPERS ORANGE, JEEPERS PURPLE, and pastel tie-dye JEEPERS SPIRAL. Like last years Jeepers Peepers, the new JEEPERS are medium potency, slow-growing, medium sized indoor/outdoor plants.

Available April 13 through April 21 in a special collector's box. Each box contains three seeds that randomly produce MINT, ORANGE or PURPLE, plus one seed that will germinate as JEEPERS SPIRAL. Also included is a custom-made Peeps candy giver to keep you smiling. Box of 4/ $500L

^0^HOP ON OVER ^0^

08 April, 2014

Did You Know?

That clicking "Phantom" in the Advanced Menu let's you walk through your plants? This is perfect if you're harvesting kief by smearing your body with honey and running through your fields naked. Of course, if you believe good fences make good neighbors, set your plants to "Solid," and they'll make a good hedge!

07 April, 2014


Light the Way with JUICY FRUIT, our 2014 Autism Awareness LE! This medium-tall, medium potency, slow growing plant features a colorful foliage that you'll find "puzzling" and pretty. One seed per L$300 donation..."RIDE" on over FAST & grab some great BBQ !!! Phun Phundraiser for or Pharmers http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Marbella%20Bay/204/97/22. ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ ... the #1 growable, breedable, collectible WeeDable, virtual cannabis product in Second Life.

03 April, 2014


CḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ honors a great Comedian (and legendary Pot Smoker) with "GROUCHO". Our medium-sized indoor/outdoor plant has medium potency & medium growth rate, and one of our wackiest foliages ever + a built-in "1st GENERATION surprise:) 1-FREE seed pack came w/every STANDARD STRAIN SEED PK 

Décor your 1st generation plants as you harvest to keep em laughin'

24 March, 2014


Ӝ   After you germinate version 3.0 plants, DO NOT take them into inventory until they have completed at least one full growth cycle, (baby seeds do not like to be moved). Then always make it a practice to PAUSE the plant when moving it in any way. The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team suspects this may cause some problems, and we are working on and update so you won't have to workaround. But for now...

14 March, 2014


With shades of green and unique overlay that would make an Irishman proud, SHAMROCK grows medium-small (1.3 meters), but there's more! Out-of-the box, SHAMROCK has a potency of 4.5, which means all Gen 1 plants are Superweed! Growth rate is slow (2% per cycle) for this outdoor variety.
Our second St. Paddy's limited edition, LUCKY CHARMS has a fun foliage that will keep the leprechauns dancing in your grow! This high potency, slow-growing outdoor variety has rainbows of charms cascading over medium-small (1.3 meters) plants that will definitely make you say "Erin go Bragh!"

Sales from Sunday March 16th & ALL St. Patty's Day March 17th...various locations (to be announced), so watch your notices;) ~~~St Patrick's Day Party & Lucky Chairs w/prizes & Phun too~~~

07 March, 2014


Back in the Version 2 days, some breeders discovered that they could feed a plant & then move the food to another spot to feed more plants. Once they were successfully fed, plants would continue to grow at the "genetic rate" even if the food was no longer within range.  This let some growers "stretch" their food to incredible levels.

This was actually due a bug in the Version 2 scripts & was not intentional.  Of course, Version 2 was our release version for a long time, and the "exploit" became Standard Operating Procedure for some growers.

That "exploit" has been closed in Version 3.0.

If you feed a Version 3 plant, it scans for food & if it finds it the feeding counter will start. But now, the plant will scan again at every 90 minute growth interval. If the plant does not detect food, it will grow at the specified 1% non-fed rate (or if it's an indoor/outdoor plant under a light, at 2%) every cycle.

If you have fasts, very fasts, or extremes growing at an unfed rate of 1% or 2%, but you fed them using the food-moving exploit, please be aware that method will no longer work in Version 3.0.  In order to grow at a fed rate, the plant must be within range of a food source at every growth interval.

We realize this is a game changer for some of our phactory pharmers & speed breeders, and will require changing some technique. But unlike most other breedables, CannabiSL plants will grow (and not become sick) even if unfed. Consequently, it's already hard enough to sell Plant Food without leaving this exploit unaddressed.

So now you know! :)

03 March, 2014

Understanding the Superweed Mutation

One of the new features of Version 3.0 is the Superweed mutation.

Superweed doubles the plant's potency value. This gives breeders a new challenge, similar to the Ultra/Extreme mutation for growth rate. The odds of a Superweed mutation are the same as an Ultra -- one percent.

For example, a low potency (1.000) variety like Orange Kush would double to medium (2.000) potency, and a very high potency (4.000) strain like Acapulco Gold would get a super potency of 8.000! And yes, a Grape Ape (potency of zero) would have a Superweed potency of zero ... if you can find a purebred Grape Ape in Version 3.0.

The Superweed stats label will display for any plant that has undergone the mutation, regardless of its potency, but for hybrids from Superweed parents, the stats label will only show if the (rounded) potency is 5.000 or higher.

02 March, 2014


LET THE GOOD TIMES "ROLL"...w/our 1st V3.0 LE! ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ celebrates Carnival honoring two of NOLA's oldest Mardi Gras Krewes. Gold REX & Silver BACCHUS (w/loads of beads & doubloons) Both medium potency, medium growth rate indoor/outdoor plants, almost 2 meters tall! Full brights out of the box! 2 random seeds L$240 ENDS 3/4 AFTER FAT TUESDAY ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™, the #1 growable, breedable virtual cannabis product in SL. You won't want to miss this PARADE!

26 February, 2014


Our first Version 3.0 release is a new standard variety -- TRIFECTA. This very bushy, medium-tall (1.5m tall) indoor plant has high potency and fast growth rate (threes right down the line) and a unique foliage that's definitely going to stand out in your grows, pharms & displays. Five seeds for L$300

The long-awaited Version 3.0 update is now available! Standard varieties are all now on sale in the new version, and the CannabiSL Update Transmogrifier (CSLUT) 3.0 is ready (and free at the store)!

Version 3.0 plants have a bunch of new features, such as:
    - Superweed mutation that doubles potency,
    - Reorganized menus to streamline workflow,
    - Sculpted seed, shake & sensemilla bricks,
    - Reduced spamming local chat, guest messsages are always private,
    - Plants may be set to phantom or solid prims,
    - Banner text can be switched to Compact to reduce clutter,
    - Time lost when moving plants out of inventory is now 12 hours,
    - Decor plants are now labeled in the object description,
    - Plants now register with our external database, and
    - Several minor bug fixes related to feeding & breeding.
    - Plus a new HUD with additional control features!

For more about Version 3.0, see the Growers Guide

Any Version 2.x plant can be upgraded using the CSLUT 3.0. Remember, when a plant is updated it will not directly show the new version number. To verify an upgrade, right-click the plant & select EDIT. Go to Contents & right click the item "ovule" & select Properties. The version number will show in the item's description.

22 February, 2014



(1) "Pure" - Use this term to describe the foliage. If a plant's parents are all one foliage, then the plant can be called "pure foliage." It won't pass another foliage if bred.
(2) "Strong" -  Use this term also for foliage. If the plant has parent stats showing that 3 of the 4 grandparents, as well as the mother's displayed foliage, have the same foliage.  Strong shouldn't be used for Gen 1 or Gen 2 plants.
(3) "Perfect" - A relative term referring to how close all the plant's stats are to the stats of the original variety.
        - A Generation 1 plant direct from seed would be perfect. (It would also be pure.)
        - A giant, dwarf, ultra or extreme cannot be perfect.
        - Recognizing that there is some statistical "drift" in the numbers for traits in multiple in-bred generations, terms like "near perfect" or "approaching perfection" are acceptable. Auctioneers should establish their own criteria for using relative terms. The auctioneer's standards ultimately reflect his/her reputation and expertise.
        - This term can be used if a V1 foliage has been moved to V2 and the OS have been bred to get as close to the original stats as possible. In this case, "approaching" or "near" are good modifiers to use.

18 February, 2014


Here is OUR V-Day LE & Collectible 2Dye4U Bear FOR YOU!
THE SEA OF HEARTS HUNT kicked off with a SEA OF HEARTS "VALENTINE’S DAY BALL" & HUNT will continue until midnight Feb. 28th SLT. Mini “quests” in addition to hunt clues w/ PRIZES that hunters can't resist.


14 February, 2014


You'll need an ice bong for our Valentine Flash LE -- RED HOT. This firey outdoor variety is over 2 meters tall, high potency and fast growth rate, sure to be a stand-out in your grows not just at Valentines but all year round! This flash LE is available on Valentine's Day ONLY (2/14), TWO seeds/L$214:) "4 A HOT TIME TP HERE"...


In our new VALENTINE'S CHOCOLATE BOX, you'll know just what you're gettin' Enjoy "mixing & matching" the dark goodness of BLACK VELVET, the creamy sweetness of CARAMELLO, the tangy mystery of CHOCOCHERRY, a...ll varieties medium-small bushy indoor plants w/very high potency & very slow growth rate. 3 seeds for $L369 (one of each!) GET YOUR CHOCOLATE FIX HERE! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/202/242/22

10 February, 2014


"Irie" is Jamaican slang for "alright," to be at peace with where you're at. RASTA IRIE are high potency, slow-growing, indoor/outdoor medium sized plants with a Rasta tie dye foliage that's Irie, mon! Pack of 4 se...eds for L$420. Was only available only during the Super Bowl, starting at 3:20PM SLT to 6:20 PM SLT. ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ is the #1 growable, breedable virtual cannabis product in Second Life.

29 January, 2014

TIME for the CannabiSL "SUPER BOWL"

Fire up a "SUPER BOWL" as the
teams from the two states that have legalized recreational weed  play for the NFL championship!

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ team has a very limited edition (and some fun) in store!

Now through kickoff at 4:20 PM Eastern Time, February 2, pick your favorite -- HAWK CHAMPION or BRONC CHAMPION -- featuring team colors of the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. OFFSPRING from the winning team plants will get a special commemorative foliage AFTER THE GAME!

That's right... prior to the game, there will be TWO LE foliages,
& wow @ 4.20m tall is largest plant
ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ has ever released:)

But after the game, one of them will be changing to the Champion Foliage.  So be sure to hedge your bets by grabbing some HAWK CHAMPION  and BRONC CHAMPION limited edition seeds this week!

PS: You might wanna just stick a few boxes of these in your stash too!!!
4-seed pack/$500L

15 January, 2014

Changes to TOS

We've made some changes to the Terms of Service. You may review the Terms of Service on this website. For your convenience, deletions are indicated with "strikethrough" text, and additions are underlined. (At some point, we'll change this format, but for now it will help call your attention to the changes.)

Basically, we've deleted references to the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Authorized Dealer (affiliate) program, which has been discontinued, and added a section to clarify new rules about pricing of plants offered for sale at the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central Pot Plots and auctions. While we cannot (and don't want to) regulate prices, we also do not want to permit "undercutting" our own prices at our store. We feel this helps protect all growers' interests.

Also, third-party sales of ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Plant Food and accessories such as Grow-Lites are now prohibited. You may give these items away, but you cannot resell them. The main reason for this is to protect buyers. The scripts used in our accessories have been changed over the past two years, and older items may not be competely functional when transferred to a new owner.

If you have questions or comments about these changes, please direct them via IM or notecard to Djeaux Farrasco.

11 January, 2014


SILVER SONIC and GOLDEN SONIC feature classic Dr Who Sonic Screwdriver foliages & are low potency, slow growth rate outdoor plants w/ the bright mutation "out of the box." They're exactly 3/4s as big as Time Vortex. Seed packs containing one of each SONIC variety are available for L$300 at the TARDIS @ ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™...the #1 growable, breedable virtual cannabis product in SL. Collectible WeeDables that bring genetic ganja to the grid. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/200/238/23

01 January, 2014

HELLO FELLOW "WHOVIANS" ...you know WHO you are!!!!

As we pass through the TIME VORTEX from 2013 to 2014, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ celebrates w/a very special LE. With an out-of-the-box very high potency & growth rate, these indoor/outdoor plants will make you think you're a Time Lord when you feed under lights! Medium-tall very bushy plants that you'll have a hard time concealing (who wants to). 3-seeds/L$400, Now till 1-11 All Time Vortex seed packs come w/ a "Vortex Manipulator wrist band!"  woowhoooo!!!!!!!!http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/203/206/22


Down South, traditional New Years Day fare is black-eyed peas for luck & greens for money. So the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team is serving up GREEN CHEESE & BLACKEYED PEACE for current group members. Both strains are medium potency, medium growth rate outdoor varieties with a medium bushy form. 2-seeds per pack, L$300. 1-per Current Growers & Breeders Group members only.