31 March, 2013


Jeremiah -Rainbow Butt- Graves

Yin and Yang are Pot o Gold hybrids,  third Generation now, they started out in a group of four plants. Selectively I bred this group of plants repeatedly with non-bright male Acapulco gold plants in a pattern until I had selected two females in the third generation that had come out as female, one had the desired trait I had bred her for: I had bred out the brightness gene from her, while her sister still contained the gene herself, by this generation of breeding, both females have reached a point that while they have the foliage of the Pot o Gold, they have the shape and nearly the hieght of the Acapulco,  Both come in at a whopping 2.538 meters tall,  2.326 meters wide at this state in the stats category and now mimic what I was going for all along: A perfect representation of an old symbolization of balance: Jeremiah -Rainbow Butt- Graves

28 March, 2013


ḈḁṇṇḁḅḭṤḺ ™ 2013 Bunny Hunt prize LEs, JEEPERS PEEPERS -O.O- which come in blue, yellow, and pink with a distinctive seasonal design. They are medium potency indoor/outdoor slow growing plants. All these medium-small (1.45 m) semi-bush plants carry the bright mutation, too!  ALREADY A RARE COLLECTIBLE!! 

You get 2 of each color in three "secret"affiliate  locations by finding the Ninja Bunny as well as this awesome mesh GREENHOUSE which accomodates 5 Grow Grids & was designed to fit all ḈḁṇṇḁḅḭṤḺ ™ products perfectly. 

THE BUNNY HUNT  is a fabulous spring breedable adventure hunt! It is HUD based, and a great way to check out all of the breedables on secondlife. The fun will go until March 31 giving you only 3 more days to hunt (see prizes above)
Visit ḈḁṇṇḁḅḭṤḺ ™ Authorized Dealers to find these hunt items & HUD GIVERS @ all our Stores & Affiliates

27 March, 2013

Q & A of the Day

This came up in group chat today, and it's worth sharing with everyone.  A breeder recently started back after a long break and discovered some old seeds in his inventory...

Q: Can version 1.02b plants still be bred without breaking?

A: Of course.

You can always breed males and females of the same version. But if you don't have any 1.02b males, the trick is to stick to basic varieties. The six varieties in mixed seed packs will not break.

If you cross a late model LE male against female of an earlier version, you might get gray plants if the male foliage passes to the offspring.  Always breed your LE males with females of the same or a higher version.

10 March, 2013

POT O GOLD LE - Important Information

There is a "genetic problem" with early release Pot O'Gold St. Patrick's Day LEs. The problem does not show up until your breed the plants. The first generation plants look okay, but their offspring will have seed bricks labelled 100% maturity and flowering. If you germinate a "flowering brick," the resulting second generation plants are micro size. Again, this problem only affects Pot O'Gold plants and hybrids of Pot O'Gold.

If you have Pot O'Gold plants that you germinated before noon SLT on March 10, please pause them and turn them in to a CannabiSL Team member inworld for replacement Pot O'Gold seeds. Likewise, if you already have flowering bricks or micro plants from breeding, you may return those as well for replacements.

Seeds that you have not yet germinated are "safe" to use now. The Pot O'Gold LE is now growing properly.

The CannabiSL Team thanks the growers and breeders who helped us solve this mystery by making careful observations. We get by with a little help from our friends. We get high...