30 October, 2015

HalloWeed Half Dozen - Trick or Treat?

Straight from the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Crypt
We bring you the 2015 HalloWeed Set, six frighteningly creepy Limited Edition plants, each featuring a unique special effect!
A full range of stats combinations will trick and treat
Growers & Breeders across the Grid!

2015 HalloWeed Box Set (L-R)
Frankenweed, Rocky Horror, Tarantula, The Blob, Pumpkinhead, Jason
The Blob (with Flies FX)  is a low potency, medium growth rate little guy.
Frankenweed (with Green Smoke FX) is a very large, very high potency, slow growing plant.
Jason (Bloodbath FX) is a fast medium-sized, medium potency, fast growing strain.
Pumpkinhead (Blazed FX) is a skinny medium-size with high potency and very fast growth.
Rocky Horror (Batshitcrazy FX) is a medium-large plant that will take you into a "Time Warp" with very low potency, medium growth rate.
Finally, the little Tarantula, with medium potency, has an effect (Arachnophobe) that makes the very slow growth worth the wait.

All HalloWeed 2015 plants are outdoor
-- no lighting system required!

Each set of six seeds (one of each variety) comes packed in a collectible ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ HalloWeed Pumpkin
you can use for your seasonal decorations!
They're on sale this weekend -- "Six for L$666" --
on the Eight Miles High level at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central.