22 August, 2014


PINEAPPLE KUSH - A small-sized indoor variety, very fast growing, with 5.0 SUPERWEED potency! It's the newest addition to the Summer Fruit series, as tall as Watermelon but a lot slimmer, with a foliage texture sampled from Pineapple Kush buds and ... pineapples!

Plus it's a BOGO! With every 3-seed pack you buy for the regular LE price of L$375, you'll get a one-seed bonus pack absolutely free!!!

On sale now "at the dock" so BOGO over to CannabiSL Central and grab them before they're gone. The vendor poofs at the start of the Hemp Day Auction on August 27, so "don't you dare miss it!"

09 August, 2014

"I thought I saw a PUDDY CAT!"

Every now & again our "growing" family gathers around to help someone who has been there for US...they do not ask, but WE KNOW how it feels for people to care and so we are offering a New LE "Tweetey Bird" (bright cause, well, they are just cuter!) Limited to sell only 60 packs and one per person, and that is so we show D & Tweets we all care:) On the deck by the picnic table...grab one (2 seeds per pack), they may go fast! & THANK YOU ALL..one day you may be in need too! Never know about life's curve balls!http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/224/206/22