30 May, 2013


27K in sales @ our Wacky WEeD Wed Auction @ CannabiSL CENTRAL May 29th! ALL panels sold & only 14 panels. We had about 25 people attend & afterwards we danced around the fire while Cavebear sang & played his guitar! Such a NIGHT as Dr John would say! 

23 May, 2013


Lance Smith & Gwen Smith are not surprised anymore by the record sales streak very few auctioneers can normally brag about these days in breedables.  Our sixteen panels fill quickly weekly now & with more & more ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ breeders moving their V1 LEs into V2 they are being quickly snapped up by veteran breeders seeing their potential for sales AND the excite of getting the genetic foliage into the next generation of
ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ V2 plants.

Since May 1st there have been 20-25 avatars @ auctions and with all the prizes and wacky fun it is no wonder they are hooked! Hey & after we can go hang out & listen to live music around the campfire.

Next Auction Date Wed MAY 29th

#1- ONE PANEL per person max
#2- 10% sales fee to auctioneer for all successful sales
#3- Mics off when the auction is in progress and please SHOUT your bids
#4- Please make sure plants are rezzed 3 hrs before so we can spam for you  in advance(if you pay for a panel & do not have your panel set up w/NC ~OR~ do not show up we will give your panel away)
#5-If a panel is skipped it will be read out at the end of the auction provided you the patron is here
#6-Once auction has completed please pick up any unsold plants etc or they will be returned when panels are reset for next week
#7 Bid in increments of at least 50L at a time
#8 PRIZES  Highest Tipper & Most Panels Purchased 5=pk  V2
seeds + random raffle all during auction every 10 minutes ...so LOTS OF WINNERS!

Towelie says "Don't forget to bring a towel." ...to cry in if your plant poofs or has problems breeding:(

With more folks getting involved with auctions, 3rd party sales, trading, and the like, there is also a greater chance that some guys will try to "game" the system in search of a fast buck. More innocently, there's also a bigger chance that you'll encounter older versions that don't have the latest features. This article outlines a few ways you can make 3rd party dealing a little safer.

Tip #1: FIRST, remember that the "CannabiSL game" is based on a RL activity that can attract less-than-honest, shady characters.  SL mirrors RL to an extent, so tip #1 is KNOW YOUR CONNECTION. Do your Due Diligence. If a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. If something doesn't seem right, just walk (or fly) away. Unlike RL, you won't get mugged, and you won't get busted!

Tip #2: ALWAYS CHECK THE CREATOR NAME WHEN BUYING FROM A 3rd PARTY. All scripted CannabiSL items - seeds, plants, bricks, Grow Lites, and plant food - show Djeaux Farrasco as the Creator. The only exceptions that are authorized to use the CannabiSL mark are clothing items. Anything else is a fake.

Tip #3: ALWAYS CHECK THE  VERSION AND LAST OWNER OF 3rd PARTY SEEDS & PLANTS. Unless you're an experienced breeder or collect rarities, you'll want to buy seeds and plants with the most up-to-date scripts. In both Versions 1 and 2, you can check the script version number in a plant's stats. The highest Version 1 release is 1.420L-2. The latest Version 2 release is whatever the Transmogrifier is serving!

If the Version 2 mother plants are upgraded before harvesting, the offspring will show Djeaux Farrasco as the last owner. If the last owner is anyone else, it means the plant's mother was not upgraded. If the version number shown in stats is up-to-date, it's all okay, but knowing the seller attends to upgrades is a good thing.

The CannabiSL Team is happy to help with problems that may arise, but we urge you to READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE: http://cannabisl.blogspot.com/p/caveat-emptor.html

18 May, 2013









Lance & Gwen (Angel Eyes) Smith

A few months ago I participated in a hunt here on SL in which I got these funny little seeds from a company called ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™. I wasn't really sure if I was going to do much with them at first, but then curiosity got the best of me and I planted them. Boy am I glad I did! Now while I am by no means new to breedables, these awesome plants were new to me. I quickly found out that what I had discovered was a affordable, easy, somewhat addictive, and (most importantly) fun product. I also learned that not only was the product outstanding but that the hands on support from the owners and CSRs made this a stand out breeadble. Couple that together with a great community and I sure have grown "roots" here fast!

I enjoy focusing on bringing V1 LEs into the new V2 plants. Always having focused my attentions as a pure line breeder, I enjoy the challenge of moving the line over into the latest version and purifying it. I have enjoyed some modest sales along the way to offset some of my costs, but for the most part this is simply a very enjoyable hobby and challenge for me. The money I save in not having to "feed" my plants weekly makes it easy to focus on the fun aspect of the growing without having to worry about turning a profit margin.

So far I have gathered quite the collection of plants in my greenhouses and add to it daily. Experimenting, learning, and growing gives me a great satisfaction and I am very pleased when the "fruits" of my labors yield a nice V2 with LE V1 foliage. Sometimes rewards come in different fashions and with this so far it has been in LE instead of L. I am sure there will be a time I will part with one of my little "buddies" to make some more seed money, but for now I enjoy being able to grow my plants and my knowledge of the product having fun and being a part of a great community.

10 May, 2013

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Fairy's Hints &Tricks


I wanted to share with our "Pharmers" a few things that have found to make the transition from V1 to V2 go more smoothly:

V1 Limited Edition Males are amazing!  I use V1 Limited Edition Males with a variety of V2 Females to pull out foliage of the V1 male desired. If it passes to a male first time great..but if it passes to a female I grow her and breed her back to the V1 Male again to strengthen her foliage.  She then seems to pass her new foliage onto her her offspring but there are sometimes surprises (like she will throw her original foliage  on Generation 3 etc (which is a cool new thing V2's can do). If this happens again I take that plant & breed back to original V1 LE Male to get a 4th Gen LE foliage etc.

OK...now to harvesting w/V2's.  I have found that they need to get to know each other a bit longer than V1's did.  There are more scripts running in V2s and alittle "foreplay" (I count to 5) after rezzing them together, gives them a better chance to throw a successful seed brick.  BUT if you get an error message, which happens with SL (rolling eyes), then grab female into INV and re-rezz her & take her to the "Transmogrifier Updater" thinger Djeaux made that's on the front steps & she will get her ovule back.  You can check to see when she is reset by looking in Edit/Contents tab & there will be her tiny little ovule again.

If you get a 3-seed female you can breed her with three different males!  Or you can breed her w/a V2 male that is a mixture and see what pops out...it is so exciting. Yesterday I had a HUGE  V2 male that was Acapulco Gold & American Beauty and I hit a Kentucky Blue Grass 3 seed female with him & got a Male American Beauty, a female Kentucky Blue Grass & a female Acapulco Gold but they all carried the height of the male!  Way cool:)

SAVE YOUR flowering V1 LE MALES in your INV...they will not age and will give you lots of chances over the next few months to pop them out & pass all those Ghosts Kush, Hot Pink Passions, Blue Ice Bush etc over & over until they expire.  No date is set for when they will go offline so now is the time to breed the HELL out of em! 

ALSO: Each V2 plant now has 3 scripts instead of 1 now & there is a limit that LL set to how many scripts a plant can listen to (I think it is 13)..So when Harvesting  your new V2's take them to a "clear 3 meter space" that is not full of other things running scripts!!! Lights & Grow Grids also have scripts running too.  Again you may get a second chance to fix it if your female listens and does not get message back from her "beloved" but she may also be trying to mate w/your Compact light or the other females growing nearby & you will get a ...Sensi brick! 

ONE MORE THING...V2 MALES ARE STILL ABLE TO BE HARVESTED..ON NO!  This will be fixed with next soon to come update but in meantime please be careful like you were before with your V1 Males so you don't accidentally harvest your prize guy!

Really all in all is just so fun..I cant wait to wake up & harvest my new flowering plants & see what new stuff I get & I hope you find it just as fun too...but if you are frustrated by something just contact one of us & we are always happy to assist you w/ ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™

Happy Growing:) 
The CannabiSl Fairy

02 May, 2013

New Limited and Special Editions

Now that Version 2.10 has been out for almost two weeks, the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team is proud to present two new varieties!

Cascadia Crush
First, Cascadia Crush has been released in single seed packs to replace our Version 1.420 NORML fundraiser, Rocky Mtn High.  Pale, pale green foliage with a hint of brown and snowcapped peaks mirrors the mountains of Washington state in tribute to the historic legalization vote there last year.  A medium potency, medium growth rate outdoor variety, Cascadia Crush matures into medium-small, bushy plants that will stand out in mass grows of smaller and larger varieties. 100% of the proceeds from sales of Cascadia Crush go to the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).  Available at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ CENTRAL now for L$100 per single seed.

Kentucky Blue Grass
Next, it's time for the annual Run for the Roses at Churchill Downs, and you might wonder how they get those horses to run like crazy in circles. Answer: Feed them Kentucky Blue Grass! Our first "true" Version 2.10 Limited Edition will be available for three days only, May 3 through May 5, in honor of the Kentucky Derby.  Kentucky Blue Grass has a distinctive blue haze and highlights over a mint julep green (which should look terrific growing next to some Nebula 420s).  This is a fast growing variety and indoor/outdoor, too, so under lights you'll be in the running to win the breeding race!  It's high potency, and a medium-sized plant (2.125 meters), too. Available for three days only beginning bright and early on Friday, May 3, for L$300 per four-seed pack. Don't be left at the starting line - pick up some Kentucky Blue Grass seeds while you can!

May will be a busy month since there will also be Relay For Life and a special hunt to raise money for victims of the Boston bombing, so keep an eye on this space and the in-world group notices for more information!

Happy Growing! It's 4:20 somewhere!