24 February, 2013

How to Read Parents Stats

Once you're breeding ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ past the first generation, a "Parents" button appears in the plant's menu. This displays the plant's parents' genetic information in local chat (or only to the plant owner depending on how the "Public/Private" option is set).  The output looks pretty arcane, but once you know the format, it's easy.
"Mom: strain, potency, growth rate, lighting, width, bright, height
 Dad: strain, potency, growth rate, lighting, width, bright, height"
For example, consider the following output...

Mom: NY Diesel X Super Skunk, 2.500000, 3.500000, 1, 1.750000, 1.000000, 2.045000
Dad: Super Skunk X NY Diesel, 2.500000, 3.500000, 1, 1.750000, 0.020000, 2.045000

Uh oh, you say, I smell another math lesson coming on! Yep! So grab your calculator.

An Ancient Hand Calculator

Since these parents have mostly the same stats - in fact, they had the same parents - the offspring will have the same numbers across the board, except for the bright mutation, which averages to 0.51. (When the parents' numbers differ, just calculate the average.)
Compare the parent stats with the offspring's below. (For growth rate, add one to the result. In this case, 3.5 + 1.0 = 4.5).
Gender: Female
Maturity: 1%
Foliage: NY Diesel Bright (0.5)
Potency: High (2.500)
Growth Rate: Very Fast (4.500% per cycle)
Lighting: Indoor/Outdoor
Size: Normal
Height: 2.045 meters
Width: 1.750 meters

18 February, 2013

A Little Statistics Lesson

It's fun to try to predict the offspring from your CannabiSL breeding activities. Several of your plants' characteristics can be calculated in advance of breeding. For example, height and width are simply the averages of the mom and dad plants' height and width. Just look up the stats for the parent plants, and grab your calculator!

Potency, growth rate, and indoor/outdoor lighting requirements aren't hard to predict, either. Again, look up the stats. Beside each text label like "very high," you'll see a numeric value. This is the actual breeding value for that plant. When the text labels are applied, the value is rounded up or down and then used to look up the label on a scale of zero (0) to four (4). When breeding into advanced generations, it's a good idea to check those numeric values, since two plants can have the same text label but almost a point difference in their actual breeding potential. For example, two plants might display a "medium" growth rate, yet one could be "almost fast" (2.4) and the other "almost slow" (1.5).

These characteristics show up in the offspring as averages, too. If you're able to plan your cross-breeding pairs, you can engineer plants that have higher potency, slower growth, and larger or smaller sizes. Couple that with a cool foliage, and you will have created a unique strain!

Other characteristics add an element of chance to the breeding process. As almost everyone knows, males are always in demand among breeders. That's because when a seed or seed brick is germinated, there's only a 13% chance of getting a male. And you can't breed your females without a male.

There are other odds-based inheritance patterns, and they add an element of surprise to the breeding process.  There's a 25% (one in four) chance of getting a bright mutant, and a 20% (one in five) chance that the offspring will inherit the father's foliage. Dwarves, giants, and ultra-fasts are even rarer. These mutations can affect the growth and appearance of future generations as well.

It's essential to understand one thing about statistics: The odds are the same for every seed you germinate. That means that it doesn't matter if you've already germinated four or five seeds from the pack, the odds that the next one will be a male are still 17%.

So... What are the odds of getting a bright male dwarf ultra-fast that has his father's foliage? If you know the individual odds it's not hard. Just multiply.

    Odds of bright = 25%
    Odds of male = 17%
    Odds of dwarf = 2%
    Odds of ultra-fast = 1%
    Odds of father's foliage = 20%

    In other words, what is 25% of 17% of 2% of 1% of 20% ?
    Remembering to convert percents to decimals, calculate it as: 
    0.25 x 0.17 x 0.02 x 0.01 x 0.20 = 0.0000017 = 0.00017%

That's slightly less than one chance in 5,000! So get planting - you might get one from the next seed you sprout!

05 February, 2013

More Version 2 Info - The New Menus!

Version 2 is now undergoing intense testing at the Secret ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Skunk Works Lab! As we've said before, the long-awaited new version features females that are capable of producing up to three offspring, and we've added an upgrade system to ease the pain of new version updates! Flowering plants now have a countdown timer so you'll always know how much time they have left. We're really excited about these major changes, but there's more...

Version 2.10 Main Menu
The Owner's Menu now has a Main panel with the most-used buttons, and an Advanced submenu with the controls you don't need so often. At the right is a sneak preview of the new Main Menu from a flowering female.

Since this is a first generation plant, there's a "-" button in the second row where the Parents button appears in later generations.  In the top row, you see another "-" button. This is where the Feed button appears in vegetative plants. In current Version 1.420 plants, this button changes to Remove when the plants flower. We had a few -- not many but a few -- growers accidentally tap Remove and neuter their breeding plants. So we've moved this function to the Advanced menu as a safeguard.  Finally, the Harvest button does not appear for flowering males. This will prevent one of the most common "disasters" in growing ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ.  Now, it won't be possible to harvest those valuable males by mistake!

Version 2.10 Advanced Menu
The Advanced Menu (shown at left) is home to less frequently used controls:  Rename, Remove, Private/Public, and the HUD activation button.  New to ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ, is the Update control.  Used in tandem with a special tool that we'll distribute when upgrades are available, this control will let you ensure that your plants' babies are always equipped with the latest and greatest internal organs!

Version 2.10 (it's half of 4.20) is right around the corner! Keep an eye on this space for more progress updates!

Happy Growing! It's 4:20 somewhere!

02 February, 2013

Hot Pink Passion & White Hot Focus!

Hot Pink Passion for Valentine's Day!

Here's our most compact plant yet -- only one meter tall & one meter wide! Hot Pink Passion features original "art by Gleaux" and is a medium-growing, high potency indoor variety that is sure to add the "wow factor" to your breeding projects and grows.

To make your Hot Pink Passion grows even prettier, we've revamped the Compact Grow-Lite to include a color changer menu, so you can have a hot pink Grow-Lite, too!

L$300 for four seeds at our in-world stores and affiliate vendors.

For the hardcore breeders, the long-awaited version 2 system is nearing completion. Version 2 has some basic enhancements - a safeguard against harvesting males, a new menu system to put seldom-used functions off the main menu -- and some seriously awesome new stuff!  There have been lots of rumors floating around for the past five or six months, so we'll set it straight:  Version 2 will have an updater system and multi-seed capabilities.

We've also included some "behind the scenes" sccipting to provide the  capability for some exciting things in the future, too!

The blurry pic at the right was snapped at our double secret grow plot and shows the hovertext for a 10th generation female capable of producing three seeds. (And yes, it all works.)  We're keeping this female on ice next to several frozen space aliens, but trust us... Things are gonna get interesting right about now.

In case you're wondering, your Version 1 plants will be fully compatible with the new release, so watch this space for updates! For the time being, "pay attention to those males!"

Happy growing! It's always 4:20 somewhere!