30 June, 2013

Upgrade to be Released Soon

The first major upgrade for Version 2 is coming very soon! We've been referring to it in-house and in-world as "Version 2.10 M-8," but there are so many new features that we've decided to roll it out as Version 2.11.  An Update Transmogrifier will be available on June 30, along with new versions of all our standard seed packs.

Version 2.11 has a bunch of cool features, including:
  • No harvest button on mature males, eliminating an old tricky challenge (not harvesting your boys) that has vexed growers for a long time. When you're clicking down a long line of plants to harvest, you will no longer risk whacking your studs!
  • Corrections/revisions to the Stats display of growth rates. "Chat spam" has been reduced for indoor/outdoor plants not grown under lights.
  • A fix to the dreaded "negative time remaining" bug, as well as a little rules change that a lot of growers are going to like. Now, when you take a flowering plant into inventory, the system will not count down actual time but simply "charge" 3 hours against the time remaining for that plant.
  • A random texture-flipping animation at each growth cycle to add more visual phun to your pharm. (This was a V1.420 feature that didn't make the trip to the original V2 plants.)
  • An expanded HUD menu to let you configure whole groups of plants to use Standard or Liquid Plant food with one click.
  • One-click HUD activation on plants. Once you set up the password, the plant is listening for the HUD. No need to click Advanced > HUD On twice!
  • A unique ID code is now shown in Stats for every plant, along with some "security" tools to help us track down "clones" that some growers produce by exploiting glitches in the SL environment. This is our first step to creating a much richer and useful web-based system for growers, too. Right now, it's not the most visible feature of the upgrade, but rest assured it means more cool things in the future!
Additionally, there's a ton of what we scripters call "refactoring" and "code optimization." Some of the things that CannabiSL plants have always done now happen smoothly, a little faster, with less chance of errors and less "lag impact" on your sim!  And on the phun side, we're implementing some new messages that we hope make you grin. (Just to let one out of the bag, when a plant finishes it's 30 seconds after being harvested, it will now be eaten by locusts. Keep an eye out for deer, raccoons, and aphids! :)

What about Version 1 Compatibility?

This has been the $64,000L question since we announced that this upgrade would break back compatibility with Version 1 males. Simply put, Version 2.11 females will not breed with Version 1 males. Period. However, your Version 2.10 plants are 100% compatible with the new version, and they will breed with Version 1 males.

Remember also that when you use the Update Transmogrifier on a plant, it does not update the scripts or data for that individual plant, but rather updates the plant's reproductive system so that its offspring will be the new version.  So, you can update your existing Version 2.10 stock using a Transmogrifier (so the plants' ovules are version 2.11), yet still breed that 2.10 parent with a V1 male.

Also, only female plants make babies, so there isn't any reason to upgrade males (unless you are offering them for auction at CannabiSL Central - see below).

Rather than turning some nonexistent switch and kill everyone's V1 plants, June 30 marks the point from which all future releases will be incompatible with V1 males, and the CannabiSL Team will no long provide support for V1 plants.  Everybody has had over two months now to breed their V1 LEs  forward.

All plants offered for auction beginning on July 3 must be upgraded. (Yes, we realize males don't have to be upgraded, but for consistency we ask that males offered at auctions are upgraded, same as females.) This does not mean that the plant itself has to be Version 2.11 but that the ovule inside it must be the upgraded version. Thanks for your support on this!


22 June, 2013

"Pheatured Pharmer" of the Week:

Lominola Rehula

I asked Lominola recently to share with us how she successfully uses the HUD that controls CannabiSL feeding etc.  Personally, I have always felt it was hard to do but she loves using hers and shared with us how to go about making it a regular part of our grow. 
(Note: New Updated HUD will have Liquid Plant Food on HUD)
Thanks Lomi!!! 

Using the CannabiSL HUD by Lominola Relula

The CannabiSL HUD doesn't seem to be used by many breeders, but when you plant many seeds/bricks at the same time, it can come in very handy. If you set plants and HUD up correctly, you can feed many plants with one click or hide their banners if you want to.
The trick is to set up HUD and seed/brick/plant correctly, which at first is some work. After that, you can handle the feeding more easily though.
when you get your HUD - a copy of it is in every standard seed pack - the CannabiSL logo appears on the top in the middle of the screen and a menu pops up. First of all, set a password, which you will use for your plants and seeds too.
1- Click the button "Password"
2- A window appears. Type your password in as follows:
    "PASS: " and the password. Important thing is, that the word "PASS: " is in capitals, that you have the double point right after it and that you leave one space after that. Then you specify your password.
Example: PASS: Anne
It  doesn't need to be complicated, it acts just as a communication channel between a "transmitter" (the HUD) and a "radio" (the plants)
3.- Click "Send".
Your HUD is ready now.
After that, you need to repeat the following for each seed/brick/plant:
1.- Left-click the seed, brick or plant
2.- Choose "Advanced" from the menu.
3.- Choose "HUD on".
4.- As with the HUD, a new window appears. Enter the password in exactly the same way you did for the HUD. Example: PASS: Anne
It is important to follow this scheme, otherwise you change the plant's name instead of setting its password.
5.- Click "Send".
The password is now set for the plant, but there is no connection between plant and HUD yet. To establish it, do the following:
6.- Click the same seed, brick or plant again.
7.- Choose again "Advanced"
8.- Click on "HUD on" again.
Repeat all these steps for every plant.
When you're done, you can easily test if all seeds, bricks and plants you wanted to connect to the HUD are properly set up:
1- Touch the HUD
2.- Choose "Banner" from the HUDs menu
If all your plants are set up properly, their banners disappear.So you can easily see if all of them are connected to the HUD. Those that still have the banner on after the test aren't set up properly yet.
1.- Left-click the plant that didn't react.
2.- Choose "Advanced".
3.- If the button on top right says "HUD on", click it. Either you will need to enter the password if you forgot it or the plant connects to the HUD if you set the password before.
3.- If the button says "HUD off" then you set a different password, maybe mistyped it. Click "HUD off" then and repeat the process to set the password. with this plant.
When you know all seeds, bricks and plants are set properly, then germinate seeds and bricks and resume live plants. Then do the following.
1.- Touch the HUD.
2.- Choose "Feed"
3.- Watch the banners change to "plant fed" and enjoy!
The HUD will work within a distance of 30 meters.
You can take off the HUD and when you put it on, you can use it again. If it gets stuck for any reason, just set its password again.
If you have more than one plot or so set up that were planted at different times, you can use several HUDs with different passwords. I myself have two places that are closer than 30 meters and work with two HUDs that have different passwords. I keep them in separate folders that have the name of the password I use for that specific HUD.
Let's grow!
Lominola Rehula

21 June, 2013



Celebrate the first day of summer with a pack of MAYAN SOLSTICE seeds. Featuring an all-new Mayan foliage, SOLSTICE mirrors the same stats as the coveted Mayan Armageddon: Very High Potency, Slow Growth, Outdoor, with a medium-small bushy growth habit. ***Limited to one 4-pack per CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group members till SUNDAY 6/23 only! L$420 for 4 seeds!

14 June, 2013



I interviewed JesterOfSorrow today after hearing in CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group about his "luck" of getting 18 EXTREME seeds in one day!  Pictured here with his "Extreme Dream Team", he told me he knows what he is doing & INDEED he does.  Extreme growth rates don't come easy & it is not luck that makes it happen either.
Me: How did you start breeding extremes & what did you do to optimize making that happen?

JesterofSorrow: n the story is i kept breeding them to raise their speed up from slow to medium to fast then very fast then got a male with ultra speed n used him to keep breeding their offspring n after 4 to 5 breeding they hit the speed on extreme which is over 5.513 grow rate so had to keep breeding them back slowly raising their speed... so alot of hard work n non stop breeding, but it paid off! Thats the story how i got 18 extremes n more too come!

Look at the Genetics section on this Blog to see exactly what he has discovered...all which takes EXTREME time & attention to detail! http://cannabisl.blogspot.com/p/cannabisl-genotypes-when-germinated.html

Congrats JesterOfSorrow & thanks for sharing your grow with us today:)

08 June, 2013

Liquid Plant Food Now Available!

ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Liquid Plant Food Dispensers and Refill cartridges are now available at the in-world store!  

Animated level and colors let you see at a glance how much is left in the Dispenser. Pause/activate feeding or access online help from the menu. And never have to take up an empty Food Spike again! Just refill the Dispenser!

Liquid Plant Food has an effective feeding area four times larger than standard Plant Food Spikes (the same range as a Grow-Lite), and they last twice as long. That's right -- one Liquid Plant Food Dispenser does the job of eight Plant Food Spikes!

Be sure to RTFM! And don't forget to configure your plants by clicking "Liq Food" in the Advanced Menu. (If you see "Std Food" there, your plant's already set up to use Liquid Plant Food!

Dispensers are L$500 each with a full 96-hour charge of plant food, and Refills are L$400 each. Available now at the in-world store.

05 June, 2013

Chill out in the summer heat with a mixed bowl of SUMMER FRUIT. Each seed randomly selects one of five cool summer flavors: Grape Ape, Blueberry Haze, Strawberry Fields, Mango Kush, and Paradise Peach. These varieties are all indoor and include the smallest plants yet! Across the five types, you get the full range of potency from very low to very high, and the full range of growth rates from very slow to very fast. Although they're small, SUMMER FRUIT are full, bushy stand-outs with lots of fun breeding potential for your summer grows! "Random seeds $100L each"

Pictured here is Capstone Sands, the WINNER of One-Of-A-Kind Silent Auction with his "ETERNAL FOOD PoT-PoT" @ the 2nd Annual BREEDABLES FAIR EXPO "100 Years of Hope" ended JUNE 2. All proceeds benefitted RFL. CannabiSL also donated "TaTa PINK Pot Pots" and two new LEs "Pink TATA for a total tally of donations of just over $112,000L