29 June, 2012

Version 1.30 now available!

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team celebrates American Independence Day (aka the National Fireworks Holiday) with the opening of a new store in The Breeders' Borough.  This is a sim dedicated to a wide variety of breedables, and we're flattered to be the latest addition to the scene there.

In honor of this auspicious occasion, the new, improved ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ 1.30 seed packs are now available at both our in-world stores. There are numerous bug fixes and some new game features that we mentioned in an earlier post.  All our products are getting new packaging, too!  Special shout-outs go to Cog Zeplin and Zoso Zepp for some great scripting help, and to Eden Malik and Nephelle Lanate of The Breeders' Borough for their enthusiastic support and valuable insights!

The original store is located across from the legendary Hotel Chelsea and our new store is at The Breeders' Borough.

Happy Growing! It's 4:20 somewhere!

25 June, 2012


Coming soon!  Starting on July 3, CannabiSL will be participating in a breedables hunt.  Lots of different breedables will be featured, so stop by the store in the Chelsea sim for information and to grab the group tag you'll need to participate.  We'll be giving out a Limited Edition seed and plant food spikes to hunters!

We'll also be opening a new satellite store in Breedables Borough.  The new store will be larger and more open, and there'll be a little "head shop" right next to it!  Keep an eye on this space (and your CannabiSL Growers and Breeders Group notices) for more information on this exciting new location!

In response to numerous user suggestions and comments, we'll be releasing a major update (version 1.30) this week!  This version will include several new "game" features as well as bug fixes, such as:
  • Fixed the 8-hour feeding bug where subsequent feedings sometimes failed,
  • Fixed lighting detection for indoor plants,
  • Fixed a re-rezzing bug where plants taken into inventory during the first hour would re-select their strain & gender,
  • An increased incentive for feeding your plants,
  • Increased ultra-feminization to 8:1 from 2:1.
The new version will maintain back compatibility with prior CannabiSL plants, so be sure to save your favorite males!  (Just make them dormant or take them into inventory.)  Because there will be a price increase associated with the new version, we'll be making a "loyalty pack" available to help our existing customers transition to the new version update.  Again, keep an eye for a group notice about how to pick up your loyalty pack.

Finally, to celebrate Independence Day we'll be releasing a special "POTRIOTIC" Limited Edition seed pack which will be available during the week of the hunt.  The Limited Edition (tentatively named "American Beauty") will be available starting July 3.

Happy Growing!