26 April, 2015

Version 4 Upgrading and Breeding Info

With the recent release of Andromeda 420, ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Growers & Breeders have had lots of questions about the exciting new features of our Version 4 plants.  The main topic of conversation in group chat, of course, has been the new special effects trait.  Let's take a quick look at how it works...

Version 4 females with a special effect such as particles pass that effect on to their Version 4 offspring.  Version 3 females, even if upgraded to Version 4 ovules, cannot pass a Version 3 effect on to the offspring.  To work an older foliage into a combination with a new special effect is to breed Version 3 males to Version 4 females.

To check that offspring received an effect, look at the Stats output in chat.  If an effect has been passed, it will show up in the Stats. (We've also moved foliage/brightness info from the hovertext Banner to Stats as well to "clean up" hovertext displays.)

Particle effects are not displayed until the plant reaches 100% maturity (flowering). Other effects such as sound bites -- and a couple of cool effects we haven't yet released but which are lurking in the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ genome -- will be displayed whenever the owner clicks the plant.

We realize that if you're working with a lot of plants, particles may become a bit overwhelming to look at and hearing a sound bite over and over can get old pretty fast.  So in the Advanced Menu, there is an "FX On/Off" toggle switch.

If you're working with a plant that has a particle effect and you don't see the effect when the plant flowers, be sure (1) to turn up the particle count in your graphics preference and (2) check that the "FX Off" control hasn't been engaged.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT UPDATE Version 3.02/3.03 PLANTS TO Version 4.18. There is no real reason to do this, since the update doesn't really affect males, and the females cannot pick up particle effects they don't get directly from their mother. Use your Version 3 females in your quest for males to breed against the Version 4 fems. There are some known glitches that occur when breeding Version 3 females that have been updated to 4.18. We hope to have a bug fix updater available within a few days, but for now DO NOT UPDATE VERSION 3 PLANTS!

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team  is looking forward to seeing your creativity with this exciting new feature, and we're looking forward to making some amazing new LEs in the coming months!  Happy growing! 

20 April, 2015

It's 4:20 somewhere, but today it's 4:20 all day long!

The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team is delighted to present the annual "420" Limited Edition: Andromeda 420.
Gleaux spaces out with Andromeda 420
Andromeda 420 without sparklies
Like its ancestors Quasar 420 and Cosmo 420, Andromeda 420 sports 5.0 superweed potency out of the box.  A slow-growing indoor/outdoor variety, Andromeda 420 plants are medium-small. And they feature a light blue sparkle effect as well!

Available thru Monday, April 20, at the Eight Miles High Stadium at the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central store on Petopia.  3 seeds for L$420.

"But wait, there's more..."

Long-time growers & breeders will recall that version 3 made its debut at last year's "420 Tribal Stomp," and this year is no exception.  Andromeda 420 is the first official version 4 release. For pics from the Wacky Weedapalooza, visit ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ on Facebook!

There are some significant new features in Version 4, but for most folks the most immediately interesting is inheritable effects.  That's right, any Version 4 ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ female that has a special effect like sounds or particle systems (or some effects you haven't seem before) will pass that on to her offspring.  You'll be able to work toward unique foliage and effects combinations!

Version 4 is backwards compatible with Version 3 plants.  The most logical combination would be using a Version 3 male to breed Version 4 females. It is also possible to breed Version 3 females from Version 4 males, but it's really kind of pointless since the effects wouldn't pass to the older version.

We'll be posting more information about Version 4 over the next few days, so keep an eye on this website & group notices!

16 April, 2015



This exclusive 2014 COLLECTOR PACK contains one seed from each Limited Edition plant released last year, with the exception of RFL Great Oz, which was auctioned as a One-of-a-Kind for RFL and cannot be re-released.

Limited Edition seeds typically sell for L$125-175 each, and secondary market sales of "virgin" seeds are typically double or triple that. We conservatively estimate the value of this seed collection at L$9900. Additionally, we're including a Deluxe Liquid Food Kit (value L$1000), a CannabiSL Crop Circle (value L$250), and a Compact Grow-Lite (value L$300). And since 2014 began as a "version 2" year and ended with 3.02FX, we're also including a CannabiSL Update Transmogrifier (CSLUT) to bring all the babies you get right up to the latest version 3.03 scripts!  That's right, the 2014 COLLECTOR PACK is worth over L$10,000 (and potentially lots lot more)!

Only one 2014 COLLECTOR PACK will be available, and it will go to the person who bids the highest donation to Autism Awareness.  For full specs on each variety, consult the online listing.  We respectfully request that minimum bidding on this unique collection be L$5,000, all of which will go to support Autism Awareness. Watch the CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group for the details of where to go and how to bid!

Here's what's up for grabs!

  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Black Velvet Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Blackeyed Peace Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Bronc Champion Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Caramello Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c ChocoCherry Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Golden Sonic Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Green Cheese Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Hawk Champion Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Rasta Irie Seed  
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Red Hot Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Silver Sonic Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Time Vortex Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 2.11c Valentine 2014 Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Biodiesel Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Colombian Gold Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Emerald City Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Glinda Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Green Slime Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Hendrix Haze Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Isis Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Jamaican Silver Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Janis Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Lizard King Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Lollipop Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Ruby Slippers Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Swamp Moss Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Tornado Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Toto Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Tweetey Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Voodoo Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 White Rabbit Haze Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02 Yellow Brick Seed 
  •  CannabiSL 3.02FX Holly Grail Seed 

Plus these Bonus Goodies:

  •  CannabiSL Compact Grow-Lite (Boxed) 
  •  CannabiSL Crop Circle v0.420 
  •  CannabiSL Deluxe Liquid Plant Food Kit (boxed) 
  •  CannabiSL Update Transmogrifier 3.03 (boxed)

Support Autism Awareness! Keep an eye on group notices for how to enter your bid for this unique opportunity!

12 April, 2015

***NEW CannabiSL LEs FOR SPRING***

DON'T BLAME US if you miss this & you're the "BASKET CASE"! You'll love this new LE, a high potency, medium growth rate outdoor variety with a classic foliage decoration. This is one you won't want to Passover...bad pun! Bunny hop over to CannabiSL Central and get yours. 3-packs of BASKET CASE seeds/L$420. BUNNY HOP HERE! ENDS 4/7 4:20 pm SLT