30 August, 2013

Blues Series #2 Now at the Store!

Blues Series 2: Muddy Waters

Get your mojo working! The Hoochie Coochie Man is here!

The second in the new Blues Series is now on sale at the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ store! Honoring the original Rolling Stone, one of the fathers of Chicago electric blues, Muddy Waters, it's a medium potency, medium growth rate, moderately tall plant with a bushy silhouette.

Packs of four sees are L$500. On sale this weekend only!

27 August, 2013

The Path to Extreme Phun by Doc Stoney

Wow! What an adventure this has been!

Back in March I was first approached about CannabiSl. I immediately got excited. I mean Weed is something I know right? Was I ever wrong. Back then we were on V1 and we had a lot more luck than formula to breed with. We didn't have Grandparents Genetics Or Even Stats. Plants were always 1 seed, and really it was total luck breeding.
Then along came V2 with all the additional stats and genetics. We were now able to actually watch and learn the math for these.

This started my path. From the first 8 Mile High Auction I was (pardon the pun) extremely lucky and got my first ever Full Ultra Plant, a 1 in 100 chance! She then gave us a male and from him we have bred and re-bred, watching the math increase or decrease each time.

I have since learned that as with size  (see Arioch's write-up) this same math can be applied to growth rates. For example, take a 6 % extreme male and breed him with a 2 % (slow) growth rate female, and you will get a new 4% rate, halfway between the two. Then take that plant, breed again to the 6% male, and speed increases more to 5%. By doing this, we now have many generations all above the extreme rate of greater than 5.5%. With time and a little monitoring, everyone can easily achieve this.  It takes a lucky break, but as with life it is more what we do with that luck then how we got it. I wish all the best as we now truly brighten our days with this extreme way.

Happy Pharming To All And I Hope This Helps Newer People To Understand.

In closing, this is purely my opinion, but allow me to welcome you all to a breedable with genetics and generational passes that make sense. In simpler words, welcome to the easiest,  most laid back breedable for all to be able to enjoy. Welcome To CannabiSL!

~Doc Stoney

24 August, 2013


Raise your glass, raise your standards, raise some hell, raise homegrown maters, raise whatever ya got ! We made it over 420 group members !!!!!!!!!!!!

21 August, 2013



BRAND NEW  LE Series honoring the greats of BLUES music. For a limited time, every CannabiSL Group member can pick up one of BLUES SERIES #1 - HOWLING WOLF seed. Medium potency & growth rate, outdoor plant features a blue-gray haze foliage & a medium-tall bushy growth pattern. One seed for every group member. FREE 24-hrs only! (ends AUG 21) DON'T YOU DARE MISS IT! (A true "Blue Moon" is the third of four full moons in a single season – a season being defined as the time period between a solstice & an equinox)

Be on the look out in the near future Flash Blues Series Surprise Releases to add to your collection!

18 August, 2013


It has come to my understanding that most don't know about the genetics of how growing

CannabiSL Plants work.
So I decided to research the possibilities of how to make large plants or small plants.
What i discovered is this, "BASIC MATH" so all stoner's need not worry just grab a calculator and try it out yourselves.
Here is a brief example of how to make lighting requirements, Lets say you have 2 plants,  one plant has outdoor lighting and the other has indoor,
outdoor being 2 and indoor being 0 ,
just add 2+0=2 now divide by 2 plants = 1 indoor/outdoor  (eg: 2+0=2 then 2/2=1)
For larger plants just breed a large plant with another large plant for example.
Lets say your plant is 3m tall and the other 4m tall, breeding these 2 plants will result in a smaller plant, (eg: 3+4=7 then 2/7=3.5)
Now take the Offspring Plant 3.5 tall and breed it to another large plant, lets say 4m tall, (eg: 3.5+4=7.5 then 7.5/2=3.75)
As you can see it is getting taller with each additional breeding, the equation will work with width and in reverse if you want small plants.
This equation will also work with Potency. Of course this is just a rough calculation, not an exact science but the numbers are really close.
I hope everyone finds this helpful and if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Regards, AriochKaos Resident

Here is an example of what I have figured out how the parents Gen numbers work and stand for.
Reading from up to down converted left to right
 Foliage: Purple Haze Bright (0.5)
Potency: Very High (4.281)
Growth Rate: Medium (2.688% per cycle)
Lighting: Indoor/Outdoor
Size: Giant
Height: 1.815 meters
Width: 1.622 meters
Parents Genotypes:
Mom: Purple Haze, 4, 2, 2, 1.71, 0.02, 2
Dad: Nebula 420 X Nebula 420, 4.562500, 1.375000, 1, 0.885870, 1.000000, 0.903495

Parents Genotypes Breakdown
       Foliage,                           Potency,  Growth Rate, Lighting, Width,     Bright,    Height
Mom: Purple Haze, ------------   4,            2,              2,         1.71,         0.02,      2
Dad: Nebula 420 X Nebula 420,    4.5625,     1.3750,      1,          0.88587,    1.00,     0.903495

15 August, 2013


Extreme math for those who like that stuff:)

Gender: Female
Generation: 13
Maturity: 96%
Foliage: Paradise Peach Bright (1.0)
Potency: Very High (4.000)
Growth Rate: Very Slow (1.000% per cycle)
Lighting: Indoor
Size: Normal
Height: 0.950 meters
Width: 1.100 meters

MELON MAN 6.938 (0.5)
Gender: Male
Generation: 7
Maturity: 100%
Foliage: Water Melon Bright (0.5)
Potency: High (3.000)
Growth Rate: Extreme (6.938% per cycle)
Lighting: Outdoor
Size: Normal
Height: 1.200 meters
Width: 1.200 meters
CannabiSL version 2.11c


Gender: Female
Generation: 14
Maturity: 1%
Foliage: Paradise Peach Bright (0.7)
Potency: Very High (3.500)
Growth Rate: Fast (3.969% per cycle)
Lighting: Indoor/Outdoor
Size: Normal
Height: 1.075 meters
Width: 1.151 meters
Yield: 2 seeds (2 left)
Plant Fed (8 cycles left)

As you can see OS 2 seed female:
Brightness  dropped to 0.7 from 1.0
Potency still VERY HIGH but decreased to 3.500 from 4.000
Many gens of Paradise Peach yielded foliage passing (every time so far w/very deep gen pures)
Growth Rate increased 2.369% per cycle  from 1.000 (considerable increase I might add)
Lighting: is now Indoor/Outdoor so food &light will make it grow faster still!
NOTE: Paradise Peach is the slowest indoor variety we have had (Very Slow)
Height & Width did not change considerably and next pollination will be to a male from same mom as this plant so hoping to now have a Paradise Peach that is strong foliage but a faster growth rate!

08 August, 2013


PLEASE TELL your friends that ALL NEW MEMBERS get a FREE "First One's Free Pack", Tire Planters, T-shirts & August Group Gift "Crop Circle" ($250 value) for just $100!
IF we hit our goal by SEPT 30th *ALL our ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ members
will get a special 420 Limited Edition * so PASSSSSSSSSSSS IT AROUND!!!!!!
All gifts are located @ front steps by our Information Kiosk of our mainstore & hey if you are already a CSL Member grab one too to give as a gift:)

05 August, 2013


Hmmm...what's a FULL ULTRA??

Everyone is familiar with the very slow, slow, medium, fast, and very fast (1-5%) growth rates displayed on plants. And a few growers have seen the Ultra mutation, which doubles growth rate. Ultras are the rarest CannabiSL mutation: the odds are 1 in 100. With V2, the Ultra growth rate is inheritable. To distinguish this, a plant that has the 1% mutation is labeled "Full Ultra." Offspring of Full Ultras show the ususal growth rate labels if their averaged growth is 5% or less. But if an Ultra's offspring has an averaged growth rate greater than 5%, it is labeled "Extreme."