23 August, 2015

Get a Buzz On!

How sweet it is! 

HONEY SLIDE, our newest LE, is sticky with golden goodness! 

Extreme superweed out of the box, HONEY SLIDE is indoor/outdoor & has some of the most outrageous stats ever! When they mature (and that won't take long), your grow will be buzzing with the exciting Buzzy Beez effect! 

4 seeds in a collectible honey jar for L$500 through August 24th!

06 August, 2015

RASTAMAN-LION KING Box Set Release Party!

DJ Gleaux kicked off August at the Release Party
 Hey Mon, life irie wen ya get da new LEs - LION KING wit' da Conquerin' Lion an' RASTAMAN wit' Bob Marley face on it. Bot' low potency, slow growin' outdoor herbs. LION KING got da herb leaf particles, an' RASTAMAN got Reggae music in da 1st gens! De bricks give da spliffs! Big ups to da RASTAMAN-LION KING box set! (On sale August 1-3.) 
Gleaux's Lion KIngs are flowering!

Here a picture of Gleaux's LION KING grow at sundown.  Mature plants display the "Rasta Leaf" effect, and the females pass it on to all their offspring! The herb leaves really pop on non-bright plants, too. The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team can't wait to see what other foliages wind up with these particles!