27 July, 2013

ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ CROP CIRCLES!!!!!


Planting has never been this EASY & FUN!

For a limited time, one (1) FREE inside every Liquid Plant Food Dispenser
and also our
 August Members Only Special just L$100  (L$250 retail)


• 7 Design Templates (Grill, Ying Yang, Peace Sign, Spiral, Circles, Medicine Wheel,  Soil so all you see is your amazing grow!  (once laid out)

• Perfect 6m circle that optimizes growing capacity w/ Liquid Plant Food's 3 meter feeding range

• 5 Border Designs to suit your growing areas (including TIE DYE!)

• 12 Colors choices that match Grow Light Colors

• Center hole for Grow-Lite and Liquid Plant Food allows more accurate placement.

Now you can design and color coordinate your grows for show and organization!  

*Remember, you do not have to use Liquid Plant Food (or food at all), but you will need 8 Spikes to cover same area since Liquid Plant Food lasts twice as long and covers four times the area!

15 July, 2013

New Dynamic List of Varieties

For some time, we've kept a Google Docs spreadsheet that listed all released ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ varieties linked under The Plants on this blog. Starting now, the List of Varieties is generated automatically direct from the genetics database that the plants themselves use. Using some cool SL tricks, it's illustrated, too!

Check it out here!

Oh... The new list displays everything, including a couple of varieties that haven't yet been released! When we're about to roll out a new LE, hunt, or charity seed, the genetic data is entered in advance, so you can find out what's coming up by checking it often!

09 July, 2013




IMPORTANT! This is a new CannabiSL Update Transmogrifier that will significantly improve your updating "work flow." Please read these instructions, as they are different from earlier Update Transmogrifiers.


1. Rez the Update Transmogrifier in the same region (sim) as the seeds and plants you need to update. The Update system is owner specific, so you must be the owner of BOTH the Update Transmogrifier and the seed/plant.  If two persons share the same space, they will each need their own Transmogrifiers.

2. Touch the Update Transmogrifier. You will see a message in local chat that it is "listening."  The base of the Transmogrifier will turn green to indicate that it is "on."

3. Touch the seed or plant to be updated. Select the ADVANCED menu and click UPDATE.  You will see a series of messages in local chat confirming the update process.

4. Repeat Step #2 for all plants to be updated.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO TOUCH THE TRANSMOGRIFER BETWEEN PLANTS!

    Please be aware that:
        (a) The update affects offspring only,  The plant you update will not change.
        (b) The update process does depend on SL-imposed bottlenecks. Don't try to work too fast.  You can "stack" updates onto the Transmogrifier, but keep an eye on the messages in local chat.  If SL seems slow or laggy, wait.
        (c) You do not need to update males unless you offer them for sale.
5. When you are done, touch the Transmogrifier again to turn it off. The base will turn black as an indicator.

The Update Transmogrifier is copyable so you can share one with other CannabiSL growers. Obtain a free CannabiSL Update Transmogrifier at CannabiSL Central. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Petopia/198/222/23

07 July, 2013

2.11b Upgrade Coming

Thanks to several alert growers, we have identified a couple of glitches in the new 2.11 plants.  None of these issues prevent your plants from breeding normally, but they are annoying (if you notice them) and can cause some weirdness (if they happen to you). We are now testing a 2.11b upgrade and hope to have updated seeds rolling out on Monday, July 7, along with a new Transmogrifier.

The specific problems are:
  1. Nonfunctional "Decor" button and visible "Germinate" button on plants during the 30 second period after the final harvest is made.  This means that 2.11 plants cannot be converted to decor unless you give up a harvest, and it causes some very weird behavior if plants are double-germinated.

    For now, be extra careful if you have harvested out a plant. If you click on a plant and it has a "Germinate" button, don't click that button! Germinate only seeds and seed bricks! We do realize that those of you who grow lots of plants will have to be extra alert, but as we often say "slow down" -- think "laid back" and be careful!

  2. Some erratic cycling of auto-feeding. Some (not all) plants may cycle into an Overfed state and then revert to auto-feeding without you clicking on it. Some growers have reported being able to resolve this by overfeeding again, pausing, and other gyrations, but for now, you can think of it as "super easy one-click feeding." 
Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and confusion this may cause. We are currently testing the 2.11b upgrade and will have it available within the next 24 hours.  Based on your feedback, we have developed a new Transmogrifier that will streamline the "work flow" in updating your plants, too.  As a token of our appreciation for your patience and support, we have reduced the price of Plant Food Spikes and Liquid Plant Food Refills by 10% until the update is released!

Thank you for your support!

05 July, 2013




"FIRECRACKER" - The 2013 4th of July Limited Edition - a large (over 3 meters tall) medium potency fast-growing outdoor plant with an explosive foliage that's sure to light up your grow! 4th July Special $400 for 4-Pk....fun AND affordable!!!
With 36 "Mind Blowing" (TRULY BREEDABLE) Varieties & just 1-PRIM each & no food required...you'll see why ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ is the #1 growable, breedable virtual cannabis product in Second Life!
Join our "Growing Family" of Pharmers for group support as well as enjoying laid back Auctions & Sales Areas for PEANUTS!