24 March, 2014


Ӝ   After you germinate version 3.0 plants, DO NOT take them into inventory until they have completed at least one full growth cycle, (baby seeds do not like to be moved). Then always make it a practice to PAUSE the plant when moving it in any way. The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team suspects this may cause some problems, and we are working on and update so you won't have to workaround. But for now...

14 March, 2014


With shades of green and unique overlay that would make an Irishman proud, SHAMROCK grows medium-small (1.3 meters), but there's more! Out-of-the box, SHAMROCK has a potency of 4.5, which means all Gen 1 plants are Superweed! Growth rate is slow (2% per cycle) for this outdoor variety.
Our second St. Paddy's limited edition, LUCKY CHARMS has a fun foliage that will keep the leprechauns dancing in your grow! This high potency, slow-growing outdoor variety has rainbows of charms cascading over medium-small (1.3 meters) plants that will definitely make you say "Erin go Bragh!"

Sales from Sunday March 16th & ALL St. Patty's Day March 17th...various locations (to be announced), so watch your notices;) ~~~St Patrick's Day Party & Lucky Chairs w/prizes & Phun too~~~

07 March, 2014


Back in the Version 2 days, some breeders discovered that they could feed a plant & then move the food to another spot to feed more plants. Once they were successfully fed, plants would continue to grow at the "genetic rate" even if the food was no longer within range.  This let some growers "stretch" their food to incredible levels.

This was actually due a bug in the Version 2 scripts & was not intentional.  Of course, Version 2 was our release version for a long time, and the "exploit" became Standard Operating Procedure for some growers.

That "exploit" has been closed in Version 3.0.

If you feed a Version 3 plant, it scans for food & if it finds it the feeding counter will start. But now, the plant will scan again at every 90 minute growth interval. If the plant does not detect food, it will grow at the specified 1% non-fed rate (or if it's an indoor/outdoor plant under a light, at 2%) every cycle.

If you have fasts, very fasts, or extremes growing at an unfed rate of 1% or 2%, but you fed them using the food-moving exploit, please be aware that method will no longer work in Version 3.0.  In order to grow at a fed rate, the plant must be within range of a food source at every growth interval.

We realize this is a game changer for some of our phactory pharmers & speed breeders, and will require changing some technique. But unlike most other breedables, CannabiSL plants will grow (and not become sick) even if unfed. Consequently, it's already hard enough to sell Plant Food without leaving this exploit unaddressed.

So now you know! :)

03 March, 2014

Understanding the Superweed Mutation

One of the new features of Version 3.0 is the Superweed mutation.

Superweed doubles the plant's potency value. This gives breeders a new challenge, similar to the Ultra/Extreme mutation for growth rate. The odds of a Superweed mutation are the same as an Ultra -- one percent.

For example, a low potency (1.000) variety like Orange Kush would double to medium (2.000) potency, and a very high potency (4.000) strain like Acapulco Gold would get a super potency of 8.000! And yes, a Grape Ape (potency of zero) would have a Superweed potency of zero ... if you can find a purebred Grape Ape in Version 3.0.

The Superweed stats label will display for any plant that has undergone the mutation, regardless of its potency, but for hybrids from Superweed parents, the stats label will only show if the (rounded) potency is 5.000 or higher.

02 March, 2014


LET THE GOOD TIMES "ROLL"...w/our 1st V3.0 LE! ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ celebrates Carnival honoring two of NOLA's oldest Mardi Gras Krewes. Gold REX & Silver BACCHUS (w/loads of beads & doubloons) Both medium potency, medium growth rate indoor/outdoor plants, almost 2 meters tall! Full brights out of the box! 2 random seeds L$240 ENDS 3/4 AFTER FAT TUESDAY ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™, the #1 growable, breedable virtual cannabis product in SL. You won't want to miss this PARADE!