26 February, 2012

Pot O' Gold Purebred Seeds

(Model & metal pot not included.)

This Leprechaun-sized outdoor variety (no lighting needed) has emerald and gold foliage, high potency, and a tantalizingly slow growth rate. Intermediate in size between Big Bud and White Widow and slightly bushier, Pot O' Gold makes a great "sea of green" decor item as well as being a good base for small plant breeding!

Limited Edition - Only available thru March 17
Pkg of 3 seeds - L$99
(Package includes free gift!)

25 February, 2012


(Plants not included)

The Compact Grow-Lite is a lower-prim alternative to the standard Grow-Lite included with our starter kits.  With room for up to four indoor-type CannabiSL plants, the circular design fits nicely in corners, so it's ideal for apartment dwellers or others with space limits. 

This week we're knocking one-third off the regular price.  Here's your chance!

13 February, 2012


Here is Panama Red fully mature & all ready for a Valentine's Day "picnic".

You have to jump in & out of the heart it is so tall!

I may design a labyrinth next using Purple Haze:)
....or not, who know!!!

Have fun & Happy growing!

10 February, 2012

"Strawberry Fields Forever"

I planted our new PANAMA RED seeds in shape of a heart for V-Day <3

Started with rezzing a box to mark off the heart in the field and then planted one seed by each box..& voile'

This is day one w/plants spikes in center of each set of two seedlings. They get pretty big too!!!

06 February, 2012

Giant Champion Seed Packs Available

THIS WEEK ONLY in honor of the World Champion New York Giants, the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ Team has released our specially-bred Giant Champion pure strain seeds! Available only at our in-world store, L$149 for six seeds!

Giant Champion features a foliage texture that could only happen in Second Life, along with maximum potency, fastest growth, and the largest mature size of any ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ varieties (so far).  Mature Giant Champions will be three meters tall -- that's ten feet, folks! 

Mature plants are ideal for converting into decor by using the "Remove" option or for gifting to hardcore New England fans!  Remember, foliage appearance is inherited through females, so you can also use your Giant Champion males to breed in that HUGE size to other foliage lines.

Giant Champion ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ seeds will only be available through February 12, so don't miss the chance to add these to your seed bank and grow room!

04 February, 2012

Super Bowl Special & More!

Fire up a super bowl with our new version roll-out!  Version 1.21 includes a bunch of improvements in the "under the hood" scripting, but the most visible change is the new 8-hour feeding cycle.  You won't have to click "feed" every hour to keep your plants growing fast and happy.  One click every eight hours will do it.  Other upgrades include changes that will prevent (rare) cross-talking between plants' menus and a fix for the "gray plant disease" that has struck a couple of growers.  Finally, version 1.21 plants have a one percent chance of being ultra fast-growing.  Like foliage color, the ultra trait is passed along maternal lines, for those who are "pixel geneticists."

The roll-out will be February 5 at both our in-world store and SL Marketplace.  A Super Bowl Special seed pack will be available at our in-world store, too.

As always, growers who have unused seeds from earlier version can swap for the new ones.   Just contact Djeaux Farrasco by IM or notecard in-world to set up an exchange.

January 2012 Newsletter

CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group (CGBG)
Tips & Tricks - January 2012

In this issue:
    - How to Plant Seeds & Bricks
    - New Compact Grow-Lite
    - A Word About Updates
    - Coming Soon!

The CannabiSL Team spends a lot of time in the greenhouse testing and tweaking our products, and trust us, after germinating a few hundred seeds, we notice some things...

When you first plant a CannabiSL seed, simply place it on top of whatever substrate (ground, pot, or Grow-Lite system) you choose. Based on our experience, we strongly recommend that you use a raised planter of some sort. You can design your own planter or use the FREE GIFT included in this newsletter. Of course the CannabiSL Grow-Lite systems provide both a raised planting bed and the light source needed for optimum growth of indoor and indoor/outdoor plants.

If your newly-germinated seedling is hovering slightly above the substrate surface, that's okay.  In most cases,  the "gap" will become less noticeable as the plant grows and takes root. 

At the end of the growth cycle, harvest your bricks.  You should notice the bricks are embedded slightly into your planting surface. If you germinate these bricks in place, your new seedling will occupy exactly the same location as its mother. 

If you need to move your brick or take it into inventory, just "eyeball" how far it extends into the surface and try to duplicate that location when you do plant the brick. (Basically, embedding the brick slightly less than halfway into the surface is ideal.)

This picture shows a properly embedded seed brick and a first-generation seed ready to germinate:

When using a raised planter or Grow-Lite system, if you cannot locate a brick after harvesting (or the timer expires on a flowering plant), just move the planter aside. Odds are the brick will be there -- you simply planted the mother plant a little too deep!


There's now an alternative to the large Grow-Lite system included in the CannabiSL Starter Kit! The Compact Grow-Lite is a lower-prim system with room for up to four indoor-type CannabiSL plants. The circular design fits nicely in corners, so it's ideal for apartment dwellers or others with space limits.  Available only at the in-world store.

If your plans involve selectively breeding the larger, indoor/outdoor strains, you'll like the standard Grow-Lite included in the Starter Kit. We routinely cram 5-8 plants in these beds, no problem. Plus, the larger Grow-Lite includes a color selection menu to coordinate with the rest of your decor. Remember, the Starter Kits represent a significant savings over buying a Compact Grow-Lite, 12-pack of mixed seeds, and a pack of Plant Food Spikes.


The CannabiSL Team is committed to continually improving and enhancing our products. Rest assured that your CannabiSL accessories (Plant Food Spikes and Grow-Lite systems) will remain fully compatible with future seed versions. If we add a feature to an accessory you already own, we will exchange for the newer version, no questions asked. And if you have unused seeds from an earlier version and wish to exchange them for the newest release version, just contact Djeaux Farrasco, Gloria Delicioso, or BlueNote Cyberstar for assistance.

The newest versions of everything will always be available at our in-world store before they're put on Marketplace, and we will be offering some limited edition seeds and accessories at the in-world store or affiliate vendors. So keep an eye on notices and group chat!


CannabiSL version 1.20 was released several weeks ago and features unique foliage colors for each variety of plant as well as simplified transplanting. The CannabiSL Team is already busy finalizing version 1.21, which will include an enhanced menu communication system, an 8-hour feeding period with feeding times displayed in each plant's hover text, and a very special "ultra" mutation. Like our previous updates, version 1.21 will be fully backwardly compatible with versions 1.11 and 1.20. We're shooting for a Super Bowl roll-out for the latest and greatest, so keep an eye on this space!

Happy growing!

December 2011 Newsletter

CannabiSL Growers & Breeders Group (CGBG)
Tips & Tricks - December 2011

In this issue:

Once you have germinated your CannabiSL seed, it's just like other plants and requires special handling if you want to move (transplant) it.  It's not rocket science, but it will help prevent some "strange issues" that new growers sometimes report back to us.  If you don't move your CannabiSL plants properly, you may experience growing plants that "jump" around at the end of an hourly growth period or you may find that your shake, sensemilla, or seed bricks "vanish."

Here's the drill:
  1. If possible, place your seed before germinating it.  This is really the simplest solution: Plant 'em where you want 'em, and leave 'em there!
  2. Once you have germinated a plant, you can move it during the vegetative growth phase.  To do this:  
  • Click the plant to display the owner menu.
  • Select "Pause" from the menu.
  • Right-click the plant, select edit, and move it.  You may also take it into inventory while paused.
  • After repositioning the plant, click to display the owner menu.
  • Select "Resume" from the menu.
Plants that have entered the flowering phase should not be moved, as this will cause the bricks (produced at harvest) to rez at the original place where the plant was located.  (If you have missing bricks, the first place to check is where you had the plants placed earlier.)

TIP: If you have indoor or indoor/outdoor plants and move them under a Grow-Lite, be sure to Pause before moving and Resume afterwards.   If you rez a light over indoor plants after they are growing, Pause and Resume even if you don't actually move the plants.  That way the plants will scan and recognize the lighting system.

Strictly speaking, CannabiSL Plant Food Spikes are optional.  Your plants will grow at the predefined growth rate without them.  Plant Food Spikes accelerate growth for plants within a 1 meter range.  Just like real plants, you must manually feed them by clicking "Feed" in the owner menu during the vegetative growth phase.  Each growth period takes approximately one hour, and you can feed the plant once during each period.  Feeding increases growth by 5% during that time period.  And just like with real plants, overfeeding is not good.  Overfeeding results in a 1% decrease in the normal growth expected during that growth period.

Plant Food Spikes are time sensitive and last for 48 hours.  They transition from green (100%-50% time left) to yellow (50%-0% time left) to red (expired), and you can see the exact number of hours remaining by clicking on the Plant Food Spike and watching local chat.  While they are active, Plant Food Spikes will feed any number of plants (within range) any number of times (including overfeeding).

Plant Food Spikes are available on Marketplace and at our inworld store.


The CannabiSL Skunk Works is busy working on version 1.2.  In the new version, each CannabiSL variety will have its own unique foliage color, and plants will be "feminized" so that you will get (statistically speaking) 2/3's females and a higher seed yield.  We are also working on an easier way to move plants to address the issues mentioned in this newsletter.  The new version will remain "genetically" backwardly compatible with version 1.11 seeds.  When version 1.2 is released, we will offer a one-for-one seed swap to members of the CGBG.  Keep an eye on the group for more!

Remember,  bring your friends by our inworld store.  If they join the CGB Group and put on the group tag, there is a Pot Bot that will give them a free Purple Haze seed!  Then team up with them, see if you have a breeding pair, and GROW YOUR OWN!

In closing, the CannabiSL Team -- Djeaux, Gleaux, and BlueNote -- wish you and yours a Happy Holiday season and a New Year filled with blue skies and green plants!  Happy growing! It's 4:20 somewhere! :)