There are now over 200 Standard and Limited Edition (LE) ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ varieties.  Some of these are always available (Standard), while others are retired after a period of time (Limited Edition). Many of our Limited Editions are released for fund-raisers and hunts.  Each variety features a distinctive foliage texture as well as its own combination of potency, growth rate, brightness, size, and lighting requirement traits. Breeders selectively cross different varieties to combine these traits in unique and interesting ways.

This Field Guide covers the Standard Varieties and LEs through the release of Version 2.1 in May 2013. Dozens more LEs have been released since then, and the most up-to-date list of varieties and their traits is now generated dynamically from our online genetics database.  Read more about the genetics system, or visit ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central in-world ... and consider the possibilities!


ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ was introduced on "Black Friday" (Nov. 25) 2011 with the release of Starter Kits containing mixed seeds. Mixed seeds randomly select one of six basic foliages at germination.

Today, the six Standard Mixed Seed Varieties are available in single strain seed packs as well as in the mixed seeds included in every Starter Kit. Breeders use these basic varieties when breeding for goals such as small size or growth rate.

Over a period of several months in early 2011, the ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Team developed six more Standard Varieties. Like mixed seed varieties, these are always available in single strain seed packs at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central and Authorized Dealers.

These new Standard Varieties included one of our most popular strains, the jumbo-sized Acapulco Gold.  A couple were even suggested by growers! And Rocky Mtn High was introduced in fall 2011 with 100% of proceeds from sales going to support NORML!

Note: Rocky Mtn High was discontinued in April 2013 and was been replaced by Cascadia Crush (a Version 2 release) as the NORML fundraiser. Cascadia Crush was discontinued with the Version 4 release in 2015.

Version 1 Limited Editions

The first Limited Edition ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ variety was Giant Champion, released in honor of the Super Bowl XLVI Champion New York Giants. At that time, our store was located near the Hotel Chelsea in Manhattan SL, so we showed a little civic pride! Only a handful of seeds went into the wild, making Giant Champion the one of the rarest varieties around.

The first Limited Edition to circulate significantly among breeders was American Beauty, the Independence Day 2012 LE. Valued for its awesome size, the outrageous "AB" foliage has already been bred forward into Version 2!

Limited Edition releases are frequently holiday items with Chanukah, Christmas, Mardi Gras, and Valentine's Day represented so far. The ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ team proudly supports Relay for Life with Limited Editions for fundraising auctions, hunts, and expos.

The six-colored Winter Lights Set is noteworthy as a hunt item. Each seed randomly selected one of the six colors when germinated. Collecting this set requires a lot of effort (and friends)!

Remember, if you have a Version 1 male with any of these LE foliages, you can try your hand at breeding it "forward" into Version 2 females, and help preserve bits of ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ history.

Version 2 Limited Editions

Nebula 420 was the first Version 2 Limited Edition and was available only at the Wackyweedapalooza NORML fund-raiser on April 20, 2013. Less than 50 first generation seeds were distributed of this distinctive variety.

Cotton Candy Kush is the Spring 2013 LE, and the Jeepers Peepers Set was an Easter hunt prize. A different color was hidden at each of our main affiliates.  Kentucky Blue Grass was released for the 2013 Kentucky Derby, and Peace Maker is a charity hunt prize to support Boston Marathon bombing victims. The swirling tie dye tones of the matched Pink Tatas is our 2013 RFL Limited Edition.

Stay tuned for more!

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