Hemp Day Auctions are held at CḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central every Wednesday, starting at 4:20 PM SLT.

There are 19 regular panels (L$1 per week) .  You may place one prim (plants or seed packs) on each panel. Boxed plants and seed bricks are not allowed. Plants must be dormant (paused) between 25% and 99% maturity.

All plants offered at auction must be upgraded to the Current Version shown in the left hand column on this page. The plant itself doesn't have to be the latest version. (To determine the upgrade status of a plant or brick, open the plant in Edit mode and switch to the Content tab. Select the "ovule," right click and select "Properties." The version number of the ovule shown it the ovule's description should be the Current Version published here.)

See the SELLING AT ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ AUCTIONS & pOT pLOTs page for more information about what is allowed and not allowed.

When rented, panels will give you an auction rules. Please read the auction notecard to help what kind of items you want to place at auction.  You may add an extra plant on the ground if say you have a breeding pair.

All participants are limited to one panel only. If there are empty panels on auction day, participants may rent a second panel after the Auction Manager announces availability.

We expect panels to be set up by Wednesday morning before the auction. We reserve the right to re-open rented panels that have not been set up by the morning of the auction. If you have problems getting set up on time, contact the Auctioneer or Auction Manager.

Remember, the earlier you set up your panel the less likely you are to forget about it and the more time your plants are on display to potential bidders.

Mandatory 10% seller fee due to the Auctioneer with every sale. ALL TIPS go directly to Auctioneer

Be courteous! Refrain from talking negatively about anyone's plants during the auction or about how you have lots of those. You can talk about your great stuff in Group Chat afterwards. Do not advertise your sales in the Advertising & Auctions Group during auctions.

Since the Auctioneer and Auction Manager work in Voice Chat, turn your mic off during the auction!

The buyer with the Most Panels Purchased win a Pack of Seed of the Week.and the Highest Tipper  receive a gift (various items at Auctioneer's choice) and the buyer and seller of the panel picked with the Random Bong Hit each receive a L$300 CḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Gift Card.

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