01 August, 2017

New HUD 4.2017 Now Available

HUD 4.20170728 is now available! This HUD upgrade adds two exciting features to the HUD grouping and other goodies already in HUD 4.2017.

  • An integrated Transmogrifier! Throw away that old CSLUT! It's built in now! Designed to work with the HUD's bulk updating feature or manual updates of V4 plants from the plant menu!
  • Automatic HUD updating! When we release a new HUD (or integral CSLUT update) you'll receive it automagically ... if you wear the HUD!

Faster loading HUD graphics & smoother operation, too! And... It's FREEEEEE! On the deck at ḈḁṇṇḁḇḭṦḼ™ Central!

Click "Help" in the HUD Menu for more about Using the Version 4.2017 HUD

The new HUD includes all the features of the existing HUD 4.2017 such as bulk updating, HUD groups, user-configurable preset buttons, multiple range options & the convenient shrinking-and-expanding graphical interface. Try it now. Revolutionize your growing experience!


  1. The new HUD 4.2017 makes it super easy to create your own "workflow" to streamline managing larger grows or multiple breeding projects. Here's the one I use at Sky Lab with our experimental crops.

    After rezzing seeds, I set up a HUD group for that batch (usually one Octaplot): Click each seed > Hud On > Advanced Grouping > select a group.

    Then I test the group assignment by setting the HUD to the group I've assigned the seeds to & toggling the Banner button on and off. This way I catch any I may have missed.

    Then I go to the HUD Advanced Menu and click AutoClose so that the plant menus don't stay open between commands.

    Next, I germinate each seed.

    Finally, I use the HUD to set all the baby plants to ColorCode & Liq Food. And lastly, I click Feed on the HUD to give them their dinner!

    (This takes less time to do for a batch of 12 seeds than it took to write it up!)

    - DJ

    1. love grouping too, and mass updating. TOTALLY SO GENIUS!